audio issue

  1. wavecraftproject

    Monterey freezes audio problems?

    Hi I've a new built running Monterey in OC bootloader....All is ok but I need to restart the system 2/3 times because when playback the audio my RME fireface 800 interface goes crazy with saturation, clipping or granular sound and some times after 15/30 minutes all system frezees and I need to...
  2. Inettone

    Post-Install HDMI Audio Output not working

    Hey, I've recently built another hackintosh, and one of the issues I'm having now is trying to get the TV (Secondary display) to be detected for audio, but it's to no avail. I've tried to use all the guides I can get my hands on, and I have all the necessary Kexts. I also have 2 displays, a...
  3. oneme

    Strange behavior GA-Z77X-UP4-TH with Mavericks

    Since I updated Maverick I'm being experiencing strange behavior on the normal usage of my computer. My specs are: GA-Z77X-UP4-TH, Intel i7 3770K, 32GB, 2 X SDD OCZ Agility 3 240GB RAID 0 using the MOBO ports SATA 3 where Windows 7 is installed, PCIe SATA Controller Card (StarTech PEXSAT32)...
  4. ruiza120

    [SOLVED]Having some issues after 10.8.2 combo update - kernel panic !!

    Hi everyone, i'm looking for some help for my new hackintosh. i'm a bit new to this so sorry if i say something that doesn't make sense. everything was working fine until a recent system update that was available for my system (Mountain Lion). I was recommended to do the combo update first, so i...