1. mardock89

    Graphic issues budget atx

    Hi everybody! I have assembled a budget ATX (intel core i5-3570K GB Z77-DS3H). Everything works normally except for a graphics issue. every time I turn off and then turn on the computer the first screen (the login screen) appears disturbed full of lines and shifted to the left of the screen. To...
  2. bmgp.95

    G4 Hackintosh - Rookie Questions

    I recently got my hands on an old G4, and I have been interested in building a hackintosh for some time so I have decided that I'm going to attempt to use the G4 case. It is model number M8493. I have no clue about which variants of the G4 are easy to mod and which aren't. I'm hoping someone...
  3. compu

    A hackable ATX motherboard?

    I am thinking about building a hackintosh but can't seem to find a hackable ATX motheboard for around £70 ($110). Thank you!!