1. CHUTA7X

    How to turn on iMac core duo (iSight) with Atx PSU?

    Hi I'm new here, and I am trying to boot up an iMac G5 17" core duo 1.83ghz with an Atx PSU, the thing is I don't know to much about this stuff, I understand the basic, I've been searching everywhere to find something that can help me to get my G5 back to life, on the way learned a little about...
  2. jaygunz

    Motherboard Recommendations for Thunderbolt 3

    Hello, I am planning my next build which I plan to use X299 platform but I will need a motherboard compatible with a Thunderbolt 3 add-in card or have Thunderbolt intergraded. Here is the Add-in card.
  3. smokeycobalt

    The Scarcity of Corsair Carbide Cases

    I've noticed that in the buyer's guide a lot of the recommended cases for ATX motherboard builds are Corsair Carbide cases. However, most of those cases have been discontinued and are increasingly harder to find. What should a builder do to find a case that will fit an ATX motherboard for their...
  4. wise-rice

    PowerMac G5 Case Modding Project - mATX & ATX Conversion - Barebones - Mac Pro Alternative

    So, I am officially crazy... I bought 26 Powermacs (G5) And I modded them ALL They are now ready for ATX and mATX Mainboards… But why 26? Did I mention I was crazy?! (And they were only sold together…) I modded G5 Cases before – They kind of became my passion. This time I wanted everything...
  5. ashwingopinath

    How good is this build for hackintosh? Please give me suggestions for change.

    Its my 1st Hackintosh Build. Please give relevant suggestions. CPU : Intel - Core i5-8400 2.8GHz 6-Core Processor Motherboard :Gigabyte - Z370 HD3P (rev. 1.0) ATX LGA1151 Motherboard Memory :G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory Storage :Samsung - 860 Evo 250GB 2.5"...
  6. HackintoshwithTB

    Any chance to get a Z370 based motherboard with built-in thunderbolt in the near future ?

    Hi, So I'm trying to find a motherboard with built-in thunderbolt to build a CustoMac Pro. It needs to be ATX format since I already own a modified G5 case with ATX tray that I'll use for this build. trs96 told me about the GA-Z270X Gaming 8, but it's a $400 mobo (at least in my country) and...
  7. SonnyRR

    Kaby Lake ATX build (possibly w/o dedicated GPU)

    Hello, I want to build my first hackintosh machine. In the last 6 months I've gone through various possible configurations but I've been financially set back several times, so I never got around to building it. It will not be my first hackintosh, but it is the first machine built purposely for...
  8. hack3rrr

    My G5 sleeper mod

    Hello! seems like this subforum is dead so let's live it up a bit I am planning to do a G5 case conversion to ATX motherboard but keeping the case as stock as possible. I ordered the MountainMods motherboard tray...
  9. Piero2411

    Wifi adapter for hackintosh

    Hi is this network adapter compatible with hackintosh? Can I have all functions including handoff? The network adapter is the TP-Link TL-WDN4800 Wireless card 450 Mbps N dual-band 2.4 Ghz, 900 Mbps & PCIe/450 Mbps/5 Ghz, 3 external antennas, WPA/WPA2, simple configuration...
  10. ArmandSM

    How can I add Thunderbolt 3 to my Hackintosh?

    Okay, so I've decided to make my first Hackintosh PC recently, and I've been looking at all the components and read many forums to learn many things. I've decided I'm going for an Overclockable i5 6600k, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, etc. Now I'm just taking care of the details before ending up buying it...
  11. Easymatic

    G5 MOD - i7 6800k - X99 AII - 2 * GTX 1080 - 64 RAM

    Hi all, Finished my first PC build and my first mod. Used one of my old powermac G5's. Great fun to discover the whole community of G5 modifiers, wasn't aware there was this recycling movement going on! Have several more G5's waiting. Will be using this computer for heavy 3D rendering tasks and...
  12. abhiinfo91

    CustoMac Budget ATX without graphics card

    I planning to build a CustoMac Budget ATX for my self. The main purpose of using this hackintosh will be to be able to use Logic Pro X/Ableton live/FL Studio or any other DAW(Digital Audio Workstation). Here my question is do I really need to install a graphics card in CustoMac Budget ATX? Any...
  13. fabycae

    My next build, I need your help.

    Hi to everyone and thanks all for the tons of content. As other users I want to build new computer and I've clear idea about the components: Motherboard: Mini-ITX (Gigabyte GA Z170N WIFI) Socket: Socket LGA 1151 CPU: 1 x Intel Core i7-6700K 4000 MHz Skylake-S CPU Speed: 4000MHz CPU Vcore: 1.2V...
  14. digital.discuss

    Core i5-4460 alternatives for the CustoMac Budget ATX?

    What risk am I'm putting myself into in a current CustoMac Budget ATX project if I need to choose another processor in the List of CPUs like the i5-4690, i5-4690K or the i5-4590, if I can't get hold of the i5-4460? Out of stock here at the moment. They're all Socket-LGA1150 and at 84W, except...
  15. Ulysses

    2004 G5 ATX conversion using BitFenix Neos Case.

    Greetings, I recently bought two DP 2004 G5's and am planing on converting them for use with my current ATX box and a future 2015/16 build (when intel start shipping new processors.) I had a single processor G5 when i had my own company back in 2003. It was an Awesome work horse back...
  16. pipskweak

    [SUCCESSFUL] 'Contrasted' Z97X-UD3H-BK i5-4690K GTX 760 H105 16GB Ram

    'Contrasted' I Built this machine as I was looking at 15" MacBook Pro Retina's. I could not afford the specs I wanted and in turn built a hackintosh. After Months of research (3 Months), and a day or two of building, I give you Contrasted, a Black and White themed build. I don't have a...
  17. namangupta111

    Motherboard Help

    I am thinking of buying the Gigabyte B85M-D3H motherboard for my first hackintosh. Is it fully compatible in mavericks. Please help!
  18. franknitty

    My First G5 Mod (ATX): all suggestions are welcome.

    Hello everyone. I am in the process of modding a G5 chassis for the first time. I'm thinking about trying my hand at doing as little cutting as possible with whatever method of modding that is quick and easy for me to do. I plan to cut out the excess pieces from the chassis using a drimmel hand...
  19. roto31

    Possible craigslist find

    Hello folks, I have found a possible craigslist find for a G5 build. It has already had "most" most of the modifications done needed for a proper G5 build. In the ad link to original ad: <> he asks to make an offer. I'm not sure what a...
  20. rayd

    Rayd's Build: Powermac G4 MDD - Core i7 3930K - GA-X79-UD3 - 16gb 2133mhz - GTX970

    Rayd's Build: Powermac G4 MDD - Core i7 3930K - GA-X79-UD3 - 16gb 2133mhz - GTX970 Powermac G4 MDD caseCore i7 3930K - GA-X79-UD3 - 16gb 2133mhz - GTX970 ] Components Core i7 3930k 6 Core 12 Thread CPU Gigabyte...