1. j0ni

    (help needed!) ASUS Z390-P, i5-9600K Kernel Panic after boot from clover (detailed info on post)

    Hey guys! I think this is the correct place to sort this out. I'm a complete noob when it comes to hackintoshing tho I'm studying CompSci and I'm no stranger to computers at all. It's been a fair while since I last dove into the hardware world of computers as my last purchases were either a mac...
  2. Invi

    Need help for config.plist

    Hello, I just joined the Hackintosh-Community and I need help to created a bootable usb for my desktop pc My pc keeps freezing at „Virtual IO“ My hardware is Asus Strix B360-f Asus Rog RX580 8GB 16GB DDR4 3200Mz Intel Core i5 9600k 9th gen thanks in advance!
  3. simox2k

    ASUS K53SC - BIOS Version 221

    Good evening to all. These days I tried several times to make my ASUS K53SC a Hackintosh without success. The USB flash drive is not detected by the system as bootable. I currently have no operating system installed on the laptop and I have no mac system from which I can create an installer. I...
  4. hackeron

    Solved > No Audio on Asus Prime Z370-A after Catalina upgrade

    I successfully upgraded to Catalina and trying to follow the old instructions from Mojave to get audio working which are: Download and install ( drag & drop ) in EFI / Clover / Kexts / Other folder: AppleALC.kext Lilu.kext CodecCommander.kext Edit config.plist with Clover Configurator...
  5. patana93

    Solved > Asus Vivobook S510

    Hi everyone, I have got an Asus Vivobook S510 laptop and I'm trying to install MacOS Catalina (or Mojave but I write here to not create a re-post). I struggle a lot these days and finally yesterday I instelled Mojave but after the first boot it died (many things worked like battery life, USB...
  6. work2survive

    *[Success] Asus Z270 TUF Mark 1, i7-7700K

    work2survive was notified by "conversation" (Private Message) to immediately edit his post to conform to the User Build Template. Thanks in advance! Replies to his post will be deleted until the...
  7. piano08man

    [Solved] 10.15.1, updated kexts, pastrychef-verified EFI, 5700XT freezes in OS

    EDIT: To anyone new, please see this link for the most recent information about the build configuration: Hi folks. I've been watching @nch107's thread and noticed...
  8. shanike

    High Sierra won't boot after BIOS update

    I had a working X99 working setup with 10.13.5, but after an flashing my ASUS X99-A/USB 3.1 bios from 3902 to version 4101, my boot process began to stuck at this point: after a considerable wait, the GUI is somewhat display in the form of a sole cursor in the top left corner: after that...
  9. Fullmoon

    [GUIDE] ASUS K501UQ - Catalina

    ASUS K501UQ-DM068T (likely all K501UQ variants, may be useful for other K501U models) Overall status: 98+% working. Not working: microphone in jack. Don't know about Handoff and stuff, don't have an iPhone to check. This is an updated version of my High Sierra guide. If you need historical...
  10. isaacverhaeghe

    Need help

    For my first build I cannot reach past the clover screen to reach the installation of Mojave. I get thé AppleNVME Assert Failure, and then q lot of text I cannot figure out. My specs for this build are in my signature. A picture of the screen attached.
  11. AguakateBionico

    Solved > [NEED HELP] Installation USB stuck at 99% at Apple Logo

    Hello there. I've did succesfully my first Hackintosh and it didn't be very problematic (I'll be posting it in a few days). But now I'm trying to build a hackintosh for a friend and I'm encountering the same problem again and again. I've tried to change the motherboard, but nothing happens...
  12. jotapikie

    Is my ASUS compatible?

    Hi. Im going to buy this Asus laptop and Im very interested in Hackintosh it! Here is the model: Can I install it on this pc? If yes, where can I get the correct kexts?
  13. AxelDreemurr

    I2C ELAN1200 Precision Touchpad issue with VoodooI2C on Mojave

    Hi everyone, I got Mojave working almost perfectly fine on my ASUS Laptop (the FX504GD) from this guide: I have the same EFI folder as the one there, same kexts installed on Library/Extensions except for the problematic...
  14. Toni2050

    Setting Up Triple Boot Hackintosh!

    Hello good people, I'm new in the field of Hackintosh. And I would like to setup a triple boot laptop for learning and coding purposes. I mean, I would like to run Windows, Kali and macOS Catalina in a single laptop. As I'm not aware of the problems that can arise or how to do this setup and...
  15. chibibowa

    Solved > ASUS X99-A - i7 5960X - Radeon VII - MacOS Mojave

    Hi to all I've made some progress since my "pci configuration begin" problem. Now I get another one. See below. I tried to put as many pictures as possible with the verbose boot and crash + BIOS exact settings. (ASMEDIA is OFF. Might have forgotten to take a pic of that). EFI folder also...
  16. nch107

    [SUCCESS with some issues] Asus ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING - i9-9900K - DUAL GPU AMD RADEON RX 5700 XT

    Hi everyone! I was able to get my Mojave 10.14.6 build completed by following both @pastrychef @themageman and @ModMike (shout out to you guys!!!) builds, find their guides below: pastrychef's Asus ROG Strix Z370-G Gaming themageman Asus Rog Strix z390 ModMike's TEWB (The Everything Works...
  17. AlessioIT

    Solved > Mojave or Catalina desktop build (INTEL & NVDIA)

    i ve tried so many times to install mac os on my pc only for testing , today i want to do a properly installation so let start with my setup : CPU i7 3770K MOBA AsusTek P8Z77-V LX RAM 12 GB DDR3 (8GB hyper X , 4GB Crucial) GPU Nvidia GTX 960 MSI ediction 4GB WIFI CARD Asus PCE-N15 11n (i think...
  18. Zia765

    Asus K556UR Mojave Hackintosh stuck at Boot Need help ASAP

    I have a Asus K556UR i5 6th gen I am trying to install Mojave .I have successfully installed it.But Now when I try to boot it in Verbose it is stuck here After Verbose it is stuck with with Apple Logo with empty progress. I have attached the Clover folder. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
  19. Iraija

    Screen stuck on "scan entries" (Asus TUF Gaming Laptop)

    I've been trying to install MacOS Mojave on my Asus TUF FX505GM Gaming laptop using the installation guide on this site. I've tried several solutions to my problem, but for some reason, while booting Clover, the screen stays stuck on "scan entries". I wasn't able to find the components while...
  20. ThatCopy

    [GUIDE] ASUS X555L

    My config: Intel i3xxxU (dont remember) Intel HD 5500 Nvidia Geforce 930M 1x 120GB SSD Windows Boot 1x (DVD>>normal stata) 1TB HDD Mac OS X Qualcom Areos AR9285 What works: Battery life indicator Intel HD 5500 Sound Jack Keyboard Touchpad WiFi & Bluetooth(its a bit buggy but works) Webcam...