1. DOGER92

    problem graphic card

    Hi guys, I'm new to the world of Hackintosh. I write in this section because I have a problem with the graphics card of my laptop. As far as I understand from the web, it is not possible to use a dedicated graphics card on a laptop. So I'm trying to use the integrated processor one. The problem...
  2. sm2001

    Can Someone help me configure my desktop?

    i get to the apple logo with the loading bar finishing till completion, but nothing happens after (the bar gets till the end) im assuming its my config file thats wrong, can someone please help me? Desktop Specs are: Asus Maximus Hero Xi (wifi) - Intel chipset z390 Intel I7-9700k Corsair Ram...
  3. georgeanton

    ASUS VivoBook F510UA on Mac OS Mojave

    Laptop: Asus Vivobook F510UA CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U Graphic: Intel UHD 620 Wifi: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 (no kexts for intel wifi) :( Card Reader: Realtek_CardReader(RTL8411B_RTS5226_RTS5227) Camera: ASUS UVC HD 7.Audio: Conexant Audio CX8050 Touchpad: ELAN1300...
  4. Pokemonguy

    Help with Asus - i3 7020u 620hd mojave

    I have been attempting for quite some time now to make this work, and now believe it's time to ask for assistance before i lose my mind. Various configurations allows me to boot into a slightly glitched installer. The 3-4 times I've been able to install the OS it has been super glitchy and...
  5. buccky

    SSD not recognized by BIOS

    Hello there, I have managed to install MacOs Sierra on my Asus X550vc, but the thing is I am only able to boot into it by Clover installed on USB. I have installed clover bootloader to the SSD MacOs is on, but the whole SSD is not recognized by my BIOS. I am clueless, what can I do about it...
  6. Strattone

    Solved > Adoce CC 2020 and Radeon RX580 on Mojave Crash on Launch

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here, I hope I posted in the right section. I'm a total noob on Hackintosh, I just made my first build and everything was running smoothly (Adobe included). After some search in the forum I decided to map my USB ports and create a customized KEXT with...
  7. djwoody

    Asus H110I-Plus / Mojave Ethernet Wierdness

    Hi - done a vanilla install of Mojave and it's up and running but have strange ethernet issue. In the 'Network' settings pane, Ethernet is RED and the status constantly flips between "Not Connected" and "Cable Unplugged". This does not allow you to try to input any kind of manual settings. Have...
  8. artush31

    ASUS ROG Strix G531 Catalina installation does not load

    Hi everyone, I am trying to install and run Catalina in my laptop: ASUS Rog Strix G531 intel i7-9750H, ram 8gb, gtx 1650, intel hd 630 UEFI Created a bootable usb with Clover(multibeast, os 10.15.2) My problem - when I choose "Install macOS Catalina" it hangs on an apple logo with an...
  9. silverme

    ASUS M70vm reboot loop during installation

    Thanks ahead for who is helping this. I know I'm pushing my luck to install Catalina onto my old laptop. I have been using OSX 10.8.5 on this laptop for over 7 years and it still works like a charm. I remembered how painful I was to install the OSX last time with zero experience of Hackintosh...
  10. szwedoman

    Will my dual xeon PC works?

    Hi i have dual Xeon x5570 CPUs in Asus Z8NA-D6C mobo, 6x4G ddr3 and Asus gtx660 Is it possible to run macOS on it or buy something else to try?
  11. Shaxter

    ASUS Prime Z390-A / i7-9700k / Sapphire Radeon RX590

    Hello all! Try to load Catalina, but fails. ASUS Prime Z390-A bios v1405 i7-9700k Sapphire pulse RX-590 8GB Try any option, config, without RX-590, only intel but ...:banghead: Clover v5103 Latest Lilu, Weg Latest stop screen attach
  12. gabrycosta04

    PROBLEM! Asus B360 VER. 2071 CLOVER does NOT START

    My bios ver. 2071 Problem: clover not start after republic of gamers logo Hardware I5 8400 Asus ROG STRIX B360M-G Gaming
  13. MadMac1969

    Several issues with my main rig. (WS Z390 PRO + Thunderbolt + Radeon RX480)

    Hi guys, I'm at my wit's end. I really need a hand here. I found only one clover setup for my motherboard, and works absolutely flawlessly for Mojave. Catalina WILL NOT INSTALL for some reason, but let's get to that later. Today I added an Asus Thunderbolt EX3 card, and that won't even let...
  14. Chumanix

    ASUS Z97A Catalina Install - main partition gone?

    Hey everyone, I recently swapped out my GTX970 for a RX580 so I could get off of High Sierra. When the package arrived, I began the update process. Updating to Mojave went smooth, and I followed the guide for updating to Catalina, but I'm having some issues and can no longer boot into macos. I...
  15. Z0HAN

    Display identified, GPU acceleration works, But still no HDMI signal!

    i5 8400 ASUS PRIME B360M-A UHD 630 I have patched connectors with hackintool. But still no signal through HDMI. I connected through remote desktop connection and saw that my monitor is identified by the OS. So clearly the connection is working. iGPU acceleration is also working! But why still...
  16. ykt04

    Catalina Compatible?

    Hello there, I was able to install Sierra succsesfully once and could't update to High Sierra and Mojave doesn't work. So I heard that it doesn't work on legacy computers but on some youtube videos they kinda managed it to install it... annd they never text me back which made me to ask here...
  17. test3java

    The hackintosh on the Asus F552C/X550CL laptop is 100% compatible with Sierra/HSierra, Mojave, Catalina and works great!

    The hackintosh on the Asus F552C/X550CL laptop is 100% compatible with Sierra/HSierra, Mojave, Catalina and works great! The characteristics of my laptop: Motherboard: Asus F552C/X550CL Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz Memory: 12 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics...
  18. jacky123456

    Sleep issues on 10.15.2

    Hi guys, i've been having sleep issues ever since Mojave. I've tried every guide, patched DSDT, updated every kext etc. Could you if possible, tell me how i can solve this issue. As soon as it goes to sleep it wakes within 5 seconds. Powernap is disabled, i've also tried disconnecting all USB...
  19. sp6ix

    Re-install Sierra on Asus laptop

    Hello I have a Asus x450l laptop with i3/nvidia 820m. I managed to boot the Sierra install with some bootflags. My hdd broke and now I have to reinstall Sierra on the new drive. However, i’ve tried thousands of bootflags, and I can’t remember which ones worked for me in the previous install...
  20. roelandjuh

    Asus Z390-P stuck on PCI configuration end

    Hey all, I've been trying to boot up the Catalina installer on my new setup using clover. Processor: Intel i3 - 8100 Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z390-P Graphics: Intel UHD 630 When booting it keeps getting stuck at [ PCI configuration end, bridges 5, devices 11 ]. I've added a screenshot of the...