asus z170 premium

  1. Alex117ssj

    Asus z170-a Motherboard does not let me disable secure boot

    I have a Asus z170-a Motherboard does not let me disable secure boot. I have tried several things. what can I do to disable it. bios doesn't let me is there another way?
  2. dashingncool

    [Guide] High Sierra on Asus Z-170, RX Vega 64

    Hi all, This is a follow up to my guide for installing Sierra. I switched my GPU to RX Vega 64 as I was reading that it works OOB. The Nvidia 960 was not giving me any trouble. It was just a hassle to wait for Nvidia drivers to get updated and then applying the kext patches again etc., etc...
  3. srcurtis

    Asus Z170 Premium Sierra Random Restarts

    I am having an issue that I am finding difficult to pinpoint; Sierra boots without issue but will freeze or restart seemingly randomly. Sometimes I will be up for less than a minute, other times almost an hour, but the system will inevitably restart abruptly or freeze. I am using...
  4. dashingncool

    [SUCCESS] Perfect Sierra build Asus Z170 Premium

    Specifications Asus Z170 Premium Skylake i-6600K Nvidia GTX 960 Samsung 850 EVO 256 GB x 2 Samsung NVMe 950 Pro 256 x 1 G.Skill 32 GB 3000 MHz RAM 8 x 4 Samsung UHD monitor 4K@60Hz x 2 Let me start by answering these questions first. What is working? Graphics 4K @60 Hz Audio Bluetooth NVMe...
  5. benmehart

    [Solved] El Capitan installation on Asus z170 Pro Gaming

    PC Specs: CPU: Intel i5 6600k Mobo: Asus z170 Pro gaming ATX RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16gb DDR4 GPU: XFX R9 390 (non "X" version) Storage: Samsung 850 pro 2TB Problem: I downloaded Unibeast 6.2.0 and OS X 10.11.5 on my iMac EMC 2639 and used a hyper x USB 3.0 drive. I ran Unibeast using UEFI and...
  6. filomaster

    issues after install on asus z170 premium

    hi im using this gide everithing went well until the post install steeps when i run the kmpc utility this one didnt finish the rebuild of the cache :S also im not sure if i done...
  7. dashingncool

    Installation issues on Asus Z170 Premium with El Capitan?

    Configuration: Asus Z170 Premium Motherboard with i5-6600K 8GBx4 G.Skill DDR4-3200 On Board Graphics Card Samsung Evo 850 120GB Connected to one of the SATA Ports Samsung 950 Pro 256 GB M.2 drive OS: El Capitan I am building a new Hackintosh with above configuration. I have tried virtually...