asus x54c

  1. horiatud

    Stuck after Apple logo

    I try to install mac os s x mavericks. After "install succeeded" it reboot and after apple logo it stuck. Same thing happened to mac os x lion. HDD led it's on and the wheel spins. My laptop is ASUS X54C.
  2. earthsea98

    How do you fix Boot0af: error

    I installed clover, but I keep getting a Boot0af: error. How do you fix this.
  3. earthsea98

    Can not install clover to EFI partition but only to other partition

    I can install Chimera or Charmelon to the EFI partition but the graphics are terrible. When booting off of the rboot disk I get full HD (I have intel 3000hd). How do you make the clover installer see the EFI Partition, so I can install Clover?