asus p8 z77 v

  1. skizotom

    El Capitan Kernel_task memory leak

    I've come up against a problem in OSX 10.11 where there is a constant Kernel_task using between 600mb-1Gb ram and 75GB VRAM! The processor is only being tasked 4-5% by the task. It appeared after I upgraded from 10.8 to 10.11 on my Gigabyte GT z77x-UD5H motherboard. I just recently upgraded to...
  2. ak47lion

    Asus P8 Z77-V Everything Working except Sleep for 2 secs then Wake up.

    The modified dsdt voids your warranty and could just brick the board right? So I really don't want to take the risk. Im typing this from my Hackintosh BTW :) So everything works audio, ethernet and Graphics :). Just when I put my pc to sleep it goes to sleep for about 2 secs then it wakes up...