asus motherboard

  1. MicaiahWalker

    Cannot "select disk to install macOS"

    Mac OS starts properly and I get all the way to "Select the disk where you want to install macOS" ... but I cannot select any drive. I formatted my SSD drive in disk utility to be called "High Sierra SSD" as seen in photo and it shows it as a selectable drive but I cannot select it. My track pad...
  2. letsbuildahackintosh

    Older Asus Thunderbolt AiC supported in most recent MoBo?

    Is anybody here who has tested whether a ThunderboltEX II Card is supported by current Asus motherboards with latest firmware? The most logical combo would be using a EX 3 AiC, tho. I have an Asus Prime z370-a motherboard with no AiC to it, yet. I am about to pick one soon. I am asking bc I own...
  3. IsaacBerglind

    USB Not Working After High Sierra Install

    Hi guys, I've installed High Sierra on the following build: Motherboard: Asus Q170m-c Processor: Intel i5 6500 RAM: 8 gb Kingston ValueRAM DDR4 2133mhz, two 4gb sticks Graphics Card: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 ti Power Supply: EVGA 500w 80 plus Storage: Samsung 850 EVO SSD, 500gb After booting...
  4. bubrator

    [Solved] Can't change Boot Priority on Asus Prime z270-a

    I recently finished my very first hackintosh build and everything works just fine, WIFI (PT-Link AC 1900), NVIDIA graphics, sound, ect. I did not expect it to be so easy thanks to this amazing Community. So, I have two main SSDs inside my build: A macOS one with 500GB (Samsung EVO 850) and a...
  5. AirFlow

    [Solved] Updated bios and got kernel panic

    Hello! I don't know why, buy today I decided to update my bios on Asus b150m-c motherboard. That was very stupid and bad idea :( I had a perfectly working hackintosh, Macos sierra 10.2.4 with clover bootloader, all was good until... I've downloaded newer version of bios from asus website, put...
  6. nichram

    Some advice for my new hackintosh ?

    Hi everyone, i'm starting the hackintosh adventure and I'll use my current components to give it a try. And buy a customacpro later on. My setup is: How good it is for an Hackintosh ? What components should i change ? Any advice ? Thank you for your help ! <3
  7. ojamer

    Intel HD4600 Flickering

    RESOLVED: Intel HD4600 Flickering Okay so I started converting my PC into my first Hackintosh a couple of days ago and I've ran into another problem - this one I don't seem to be able to get around. I get flickers appearing when Safari is accessing ANY webpage. I also get similar instances...
  8. coolconvertible999

    Asus H87-PRO, i7 haswell and GTX 770 ??

    Hi there, is it possible for me to successfully (and without too many issues) run OSX on this component build? any help would be greatly appreciated! I also have a TP-Link wireless LAN card, and a Samsung PRO SSD Ideally, I'd like to use it for Protools (yes I have a USB audio device so no need...
  9. Prabakar

    Bootloader and Audio Issues

    To: Admin, I didn't notice that there was a post installation Forums, Please move this to correct forum. Thanks. Hello All, I've installed Hackintosh 4 times today and every time i've corrupted the boot somehow, forcing myself to go over the installation again and again. This time, I've kept...
  10. ming198378083

    Can check my desktop and give me some suggestion

    My hardware: CPU : E3-1230v1 MB: Asus P8H67 M-Pro Graphic: GTX480 My desktop try to install mac 10.7, but when i finish all drivers installation, i have 2 two problem. First, my audio can run, but it will be mute after one min no sound environment, need to pull volume plus to put the sound...