asus maximus

  1. Helmi1704

    Can I try it? I5-6600k, ASUS MAXIMUS IMPACT VIII, GTX 980TI

    Hey, actually I own the following hardware: Intel Core i5-6600k on an ASUS Maximus Impact VIII pared with a GTX 980TI (reference design). I use 2x8GB RAM and have 2 SSDs connected to the mainboard. I would like to install MacOS on one SSD and W10 (only for gaming) on the other one. Is my...
  2. hockeycrush

    Post-installation troubles with ASUS Maximus IX Hero

    UPDATE: I have since figured out a lot of the issues I was having, and written a guide in this thread. Hi all, First Hackintosh, so please excuse the basicness of my questions. I've looked at all the guides for my hardware but they all seem to be for Sierra. I'm having a bit of trouble with...
  3. daniten

    Testing a new build

    Hi everyone, Thanks for taking the time and helping me out. I just finished building the CustomMac Pro build (with GeForce 1080 8GB G1), and everything looks pretty good so far! I have 3 questions: 1. When Sierra starts, I hear a lot of crackling. I can fix it by opening VooDooHDA.PrefPane and...
  4. ChrisLCrawford

    [Solved] HELP!!! SSD not visible on initial boot.

    I've used the exact steps on the Installation Guide and am at the initial boot up screen. When I get to the point where I need to run Disk Utility to format the SSD, I ONLY show the USB flash drive. My Samsung 500gb SSD is not showing up. Steps taken to remedy: changed the SSD cable to...
  5. bombardier

    [SUCCESS] ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero - Intel i7-7700K - 32GB RAM - EVGA GTX 1070 SC2

    bombardier's Build: "Long Compton" ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero - Intel i7-7700K - 32GB RAM - EVGA GTX 1070 SC2 Contents Components Already Owned Comments Intro The Build Installation of OS What Works What Doesn't Work Final Thoughts Benchmarks Updates ComponentsComponents ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX...
  6. JCMunsonII

    [SUCCESS] ASUS Z270 ROG Maximus IX Hero - i7-7700K - 32GB RAM - Intel HD 630

    JMunsonII's Build: "Heroica" ASUS Z270 ROG Maximus IX Hero - i7-7700K - Intel HD 630 Contents Components Already Owned Comments Forward The Build Installation of OS Tools Needed Making the UniBeast Installation Key BIOS Setup Installation Notes Fixing On-board Graphics Fixing Hardware Sensors...
  7. patkeav412

    Question about DSDT File for Asus Maximus VI Hero LGA 1150

    Hi all, This is my first time building a Hackintosh, and I'm trying to use my existing PC build and a separate hard drive slot to install OSX Lion. I used to have a Macbook Pro with Lion on it, and I backed everything up to a Time Machine and wiped the Macbook so my brother could use it for...