asus k55vd

  1. javierangulo94

    K55VD Mojave, Wifi too slow

    Hello, I have a problem with my hackintosh, it is the first time that I do it and that is why I decided to use Mojave, it turns out that the WIFI is very slow, I have tried multiple kext and forum tutorials, however, I have not succeeded, someone Could you help me?
  2. weeckoo


    I've been using my laptop Asus K55vd with el capitan for one year since it was released, with clover and everithing worked fine. Witht the upgrade to sierra I was'nt able to boot to the installer so I decided to create a usb with unibeast, i'm not able to boot in safe mode because of an error...
  3. muonx

    [solved] Graphics on Asus K55VD El-Captaine installation stuck at 1024x768

    I have successfully installed El-capitan on to my laptop , on a USB 3.0 External Harddrive , but I'm just running it on my USB 3.0 hard drive to iron out the kinks before I do a actual installation. So i've gotten the keyboard , mouse , and audio to work with kexts, however I can not seem to do...
  4. lance26

    Overwriting Chameleon Bootloader

    I have ASUS K55VD running Windows 8.1 and Yosemite 10.10.2. I have chameleon bootloader installed. What I want is to get the Windows Boot Manager back. Now why do I want to get Windows Boot Manager back? Well here's the deal, I'm an Android and iOS developer and now I'm trying to learn Windows...
  5. nelietis96

    ASUS K55VD Post installation issues

    Hello! I have successfully installed an OS X Yosemite. I was able to do it without any bootlflags added, but I'm not able to get right boot loader or any other drivers. I tried to Install boot loader from Multi beast and then use OS X Latitude, but then after restart it freezes at Apple...