1. Comcody

    Catalina - Sandy Bridge only boot with -v

    Hi, i just updated my old rig that was using perfectly stable macOS Sierra to Catalina 10.15.3, installation from the pen drive went well, the second boot to complete the installer from my SSD got a panic crash and shut down when the Apple loading bar was about to finish. Got the installation...
  2. dardaratz

    Asrock Fatal1ty thunderbolt 3 disconnecting issue.

    Hi Everyone, I have 2 hackintosh machines, One is a professional audio travel rig. I recently had to get an apollo X4 (instead of my thunderbolt 2 twin), It works if plugged at clover screen but disconnects after about thirty minutes and the only solution is a restart. I rely on it for stability...
  3. Rodolfo2909

    Help, clover doesn't load on my ssd.

    Greetings. My configuration is as follows: Motherboard: Asrock h61m-vg3 CPU: i5 2500 GPU: RX 470 XFX 4GB Ram: 8 gb Storage: SSD TeamGroup GX1 120GB Power Supply: Cooler Master 550w OS: macOS Mojave My problem is the following. I have successfully installed macOS Mojave on my SSD, but after...
  4. Yukinin97

    Solved > macOS Mojave/High Sierra Boot Install Failure - AsRock Z370 Extreme4, i7-8700k

    Solution Update: Adding the "NvmExpressDxe.efi" driver solved it for me. There was no need to take any steps other than that, assuming that you already had the correct BIOS settings. Hello, I'm trying to take a stab at making my first hackintosh and I've gotten stuck on 1 issue for the past...
  5. MacXZ

    EPC621D8A(asrock) can not patch CFG Lock.

    CPU always idle at 3.0GHz when I use clvoer, but opencore works well. I try to use AppleIntelInfo.kext or Hackintool get some info, but get Fault Cpu panic. There are no CFG option in my bios. I try to disable CFG Lock with this guide.(Patch CFG Lock) Manual and Bios about my motherboard. I...
  6. fill0r4

    Black screen during the installation

    Hi everyone, that's the First Time I build an hackintosh system. I'm trying to install High sierra and during the install, the progress bar stops going further and It gives a Black screen. For trying to know the reason of that screen I selected the verbose and here Is what It gives before It...
  7. aduff

    ACPI load errors - Sapphire RX Vega 56

    Hi All, I have searched high and low for a solution to my problem but haven't been able to find one so i'll have to ask directly. I have been running 10.12.6 for a couple of years with an ASUS ROG STRIX RX560 without any issues. This graphics card has been functional with the simplest...
  8. Css13

    [GUIDE] macOS Catalina on ASRock DeskMini 310 with 9th Gen Intel Core CPU, Dual-Boot

    Hello, Finally I've been able to make (almost) everything work on my Mini-PC with Hackintosh and Windows. :headbang: I'm writing this quick guide in case someone is having the same or a similar configuration. HARDWARE Case: ASRock DeskMini 310 Barebone Mini-PC Motherboard: H310M-STX CPU...
  9. Fullmoon

    ASRock Z77 Extreme6 — Catalina

    My specific config: ASRock Z77 Extreme6 + i5 3470 (Ivy Bridge). YMMW. Overall status: 95% working Not working: a couple of USB 2.0 ports, S/PDIF out, probably iGPU HDMI sound. A (most recent) copy of this guide can be found here. Copy of files — here. NOTE: This guide is intended mostly for...
  10. Css13

    Solved > ASRock DeskMini 310 and macOS Catalina

    Hello, I have an ASRock DeskMini 310 mini-PC with an Intel Core i5 9500 and a standard S-ATA 2.5" SSD. I'm trying to install macOS Catalina. First of all, I configured the BIOS as follows: Advanced > Chipset Configuration > VT-d: Disabled Advanced > Chipset Configuration > Onboard HD Audio...
  11. float168

    Solved > Mojave Installer Would Not Show Up, Stuck at "IOReturn IONVMeController::CreateSubmissionQueue"

    Goal To install macOS Mojave 10.14.6 with Samsung M.2 SSD 970 EVO Plus. Issue I have followed UniBeast installation guide, but the installer would not show up. The images of log with verbose mode are attached as "log-1_1.jpg" and "log-1_2.jpg". I found "AppleNVMe Assert failed" and...
  12. aruf

    Mojave installer black screen on ASRock H370M Pro4, i7-8700, iGPU

    I appreciate any input on this, thank you in advance. I have High Sierra 10.13.6 running and I'm trying to clean install Mojave on the same machine using install media, but the screen blacks out("no signal detected" msg from my monitor) right after this. But HDD LED keeps on blinking, and...
  13. Keesp3

    AMD Asrock Phantom Gaming RX 580 8GB doesn't work on Mojave (Fixed!)

    My RX 580 8GB from Asrock doesn't work on Mojave, when I boot into macOS the bootloader freezes. Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks! Specs: i7 2600K AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB (Asrock) SSD for windows 10 SSD for macOS 8 GB ddr3 1333 MHz memory 720 watt power supply (from a ppc g5)
  14. ByKiwito

    Stopped loading bar while installing Mojave.

    Hello! I have entered Hackintosh world few weeks ago. Now during the installation, I select the EFI device, and I select "Boot to install Mojave". It start but the loading bar still without moving of the starting. I have done everything that it's says on the guide to install Mojave on an ASRock...
  15. TobyTheOne

    ASrock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX / USBInjectALL SSDT

    SSDT for the Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX. For me, every port + internal bluetooth is working. Due to the Reason that this is my first SSDT i created, maybe one of you guys can have a breve check, if i have everything done right.
  16. meiyoumingzi

    Help! Installation fails with stop sign after apple logo and progress bar

    Hi, I am following the installation guide for Mojave to install on my PC. But installation fails with a stop sign after the Apple logo and first progress bar. Config as follows. MB: Asrock z170 Gaming K4 CPU: intel i5 6600k GPU: Asus GTX 1060 6G Memory: Team T-Force Vulcan 16GB (2 x 8GB) I...
  17. AeonProTechGaming

    Unibeast Mojave Install Hanging

    Hi there. This is my first Hackintosh build ever, which of course means I have no idea what I'm doing wrong and why I can't get to the installer anymore. The very first pass through, I got to the Install screen, but the machine was in a boot loop where the install page would say "31 minutes...
  18. Timbrooke33

    Solved > Macbook Version of OSX on i7 8700k

    So i built a Hackintosh last year with specs such as; i7 8700k Asrock Z370 extreme 4 1070ti 16gb 2666 MHz RAM Corsair H100i V2 Cooler Master H500p Mesh.. I installed Mac seamlessly last year, however formated the drive, meaning i had to re install High Sierra. By this point, Mojave had been...
  19. ammulder

    [Guide] ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac, i9-9900K, RX 580

    Hardware: NZXT H200i case (mini-ITX, but with good layout and cable management) Corsair H100i AIO CPU cooler Note: though the case says it fits 2x140mm fans, it does not fit the H115i with 2x140mm fans because the radiator is too large ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac NOTE 1: Shipped with...
  20. flatcat

    Help with ASRock Z390 Taichi, 9700k, Vega 64 OS Install - Stuck at booting into Installer

    Hello I need a bit of help in understanding why I’m stuck and how to get my new build moving forward. This is my third build, but it has been four years from when I built an z97 based system. That machine was easy to setup and maintain. Thinking big, I built something that should be fast for...