asrock z77 pro3

  1. rotton

    No network on Sierra after Clover installation

    Dear forum, recently, I successfully installed Sierra 10.12.6 on my Customac (specs in sig). I could log into Apple-ID, install updates, perform TM backup etc., but I still needed Clover USB to boot. So I applied recommended Multibeast steps. Now, network connectivity is gone. It says "no...
  2. rotton

    Solved > Snow Leopard 10.6.8. wont boot

    Dear forum, recently, I got started with my first Customac. In the absence of a real Mac, I purchased Snow Leopard Retail DVD. Instead of buying new hardware, I tried installation on my old gaming rig (specs in the signature; RX 470 not installed; only 1x8GB RAM installed). Here is what worked...
  3. justinmm2

    Struggling with audio on ASRock Z77 Pro3

    Searched the forum exhaustively, but still can't get this working right.. Extremely new here, but I think this is my primary outstanding issue. Have an ASR Z77 Pro 3 motherboard. OS X 10.11.5 can't seem to find the onboard audio. Have tried the Voodoo drivers, the ALC892, the optional HD...
  4. titelheld

    Verbose Log - Need help (Asrock z77 Pro3 - Stuck at Apple Screen)

    Hello, I managed to install OS X Mountain Lion on my PC but I am only able to boot into the operating system using safemode (-x). When trying to boot normally I get as far as the Apple Screen with the spinning wheel. This is where I am stuck, the pc just hangs there showing the apple screen...