1. BigJim87

    ASUS Rampage IV Gene USB3 not working

    Hi this is my first post here. Great work and big thanks to tony an all the others for this hard work. After installing 10.12.6 on my Asus Rampage IV Gene and i7 4930k nearly everything works fine. But USB 3 ist not working. After patching with MultiBeast, all USB 2.0 ports are working, but no...
  2. okinawanmatt

    PCI-e to SATA Controller Card for Mac 10.9.2 (ASM1061 vs Marvell 88 SE 9215)

    My mobo of Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH has 6 SATA ports, which I thought would be enough. However, the mSATA drive slot on the mobo is on the same bus as the 6th SATA port, so I can only use one or the other (plugging in an mSATA disables the 6th SATA port). To get around this issue, I figured...
  3. pagaille

    Asm1061 not recognised

    Hi, I installed an ASM1061 SATA controller into the mini-pcie slot of my iMac (early 2008) to add a SATA port to my system. I used Multibeast to install the 3rd party kext needed for this board, but it doesn't looks to be discovered. * First of all, lspci doesn't seems to detect it as...
  4. huskers23

    Need help getting sata III speeds ocz agility 3

    I purchased a SY-PEX40039 pcie card for sata 3 speeds because of the asm1061 card which is compatible with hackintosh. I have multibeast kext isntalled and everything works except my speeds are crazy low for the agility 3. I included a screenshot of the 3 drives. The FM.... is my old sata II ssd...
  5. JoeStorm

    Getting slower than SATA 3 speeds with an ASM1061 card

    I have a Velociraptor 600GB SATA 6 drive. It has been working perfectly in my Hack at SATA 3 speeds for a year. I read on this board that I could get a PCIe card and get SATA 6 speeds. I ordered one from Amazon and had it next day. I did a little testing before I installed the card and my...