1. J0hnny007

    << Solved >> USB-ports do not appear to work after crash. [High Sierra]

    I received a batch of ESP32 Cam modules recently and wanted to test them out. I had a spare ESP-01 UART-adaptor laying around and tried to flash some stuff on to the ESP with the ArduinoIDE. But after unplugging the UART-adaptor my Hackintosh crashed. After rebooting I noticed that my keyboard...
  2. LinkinPark879

    Make your hackintosh power button works as expected

    Once, I tried to find a solution to make hackintosh power button works, but nothing has gained. The suggestion that long press result as no response in my computer, and even force shutdown computer suddenly. I immediately get the idea, that work out with hardware solution. After few weeks on...
  3. JBG

    Fans Please STFU !!!

    NO NOT YOU !! The fan's of ofcourse :P Please STFU (Shut The FANS Up) :lol: Hi all ... I'm back ... and almost finished with my new project ... I made my mind up to control the fans with a micro controller and a I2C line for the sensors. I discovered the micro controller a few weeks ago...
  4. LarzJ

    Mac Startup Chime V2 - Using Arduino

    I've made a new apple chime PCB I use an Arduino ISD 1820. From Dealextreame: The chime plays when power is on. I short the play button. I use the original speaker of the G5. Preview...
  5. timvrakas

    G5 Uni-Controller (What Do You Think?)

    I finished my G5 Mod Recently and it turned out very well. However I was frustrated by the following parts: Front Panel Harness: Firewire dosen't work after 3 re-do's! no way to interface those internal temp sensors FANS: AAGGGHH! i am disappointed by the lack of thought of some people who...
  6. nonfinite

    Arduino causing kernel panics on my Proboox 4530s Mtn Lion

    Just like the title says. Running a Arduino Leonardo board. Resetting or unplugging the board causes a kernel panic every time. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a fix to allow for arduino development?