1. skeet777

    Blind WiFi - Qualcomm Atheros AR9285

    Hi! So I just installed Sierra 10.12.2 on my HP 15-d038dx, and everyhing was okay until I tried to install network kext for WIFI. I followed FAQ guide with "toledaARPT.kext" and after reboot wifi icon was on. I connected to my home network and used it for like 10 minutes and then it...
  2. Autin1925

    [solved] Slow wifi ar9285 on Toshiba c55 a5100

    Since wifi didn't work on my Toshiba c55 a5100, I replaced the wifi card with an ar5b95 (ar9285) and installed toledaARPT.kext from deprecated files. The wifi speeds were very slow, taking 1-3 hours to download a 1 gigabyte file. PLZ HELP!!!
  3. Attica

    T430, help with Audio (ALC 269) and WIFI (AR9285)

    Hi, I recently got a refurbished T430 and naturally, I wanted to have it run OS X. This isn't my first hackintosh and after a bit of reading, the install went more or less smoothly. Two issues, however, remain: First, my WIFI doesn't work. I bought an AR9285 because I read that it was...
  4. mr.007

    AR5B195 (ar9285) is detected but cannot find any network

    Hello, i have a problem with my wireless and bluetooth card. I have an Asus K56CB which had an atheros ar9485 which is not compatible, so i managed to get ar9285 (the only one found was a dell branded card "dell Wireless 1702"). it works fine on windows. i have tried so many kexts including ones...
  5. msbg93

    AR9285 Supported in Yosemite or Not

    Please tell me that Wifi Card AR9285 will support in Yosemite or not?
  6. tanuagg13

    [solved] AR9285 Kexts Installed, PCI Card not Detected

    Hi, I recently installed a Qualcomm AR9285 PCI Half Mini-e card in my U310, and then installed toledaARPT.kext and made sure my IO80211 kext was vanilla. But after resetting kernel cache and rebooting, the card is still not seen under PCI Cards in System Information ("This computer does not...
  7. tanuagg13

    Networking Kernel Panic on Reboot from Windows 8.1

    Hi, I boot to Windows 8.1 using Windows Boot Manager from the boot drive selection menu, and whenever I reboot from Windows 8.1 to OS X Yosemite on my hard drive, I get the following Kernel panic: backtrace in AppleRTL8169Ethernet: dependency: IONetworkingFamily dependency: IOPCIFamily Note...
  8. tanuagg13

    Bios Update Necessary? What should I do?

    Hi All, I have a Lenovo u310 touch with the latest BIOS version (65CN99WW) and the BIOS has been set to settings that support OS X (a.k.a not set to Factory Settings). Recently my USB wifi dongle broke so I decided to buy an Atheros 9285 card so that I wouldn't have a problem with the dongle...
  9. noreye

    4330s with AR9285 and bluetooth help

    Does anyone have a working Mavs install with a working 43x0s with AR9285 bluetooth? I was on Lion for the longest time (never did the ML thing) and my bluetooth works fine on all cold boots. It would get glitchy after sleep. In Mavericks, I get a jumpy BT mouse 99% of the time. Doesnt matter if...
  10. thirdharmonic

    HP ProBook 4530s running 10.9 Wifi, BIOS (un)locked, new console entries, etc

    I have grappled with wifi issues on my Probook 4530s 10.9 since day one.(10.7) The BT/wifi combo card Atheros 9285 seemed vulnerable from the start, because my console logs generated the "ATHR: unknown locale: 60" regardless if it connected or didn't. I've spent considerable time researching...
  11. HolyMacrel

    10.8.4 WPA question

    So after doing some research on why my card wasn't working on some Wifis (Atheros AR9285), I found that 10.8.4 broke some people's connections to WPA/WPA2 type networks. I connect to unsecured or WEP fine. I haven't been able to find a fix or update for this and was wondering if you kind people...
  12. nolabel

    Atheros AR9285 detected but won't work

    Hi guys! I heed a little help. Mountain Lion detects my ProBook 4530s wi-fi card but it doesn't work (can't find any wireless networks). I just updated 10.8.0 to 10.8.2 successfully, ML runs perfectly but wi-fi isn't working, on 10.8.0 didn't worked either. I'm pressing little wi-fi button...