1. shoeprano27

    Is This The Correct WiFi/BT Card I Need For Asus x202e?

    I did Google and stuff, but I want to really make sure and have one of you guys tell me that this is the correct card I need for my laptop. Here's the link from
  2. uniqe15

    AR5B195 kext and dsdt for wifi and bluetooth

    Hello everyone, I have installed yosemite 10.10.3 on my dell e7440 and im planning to buy AR5B195, and here is my question, what will i have to do to make it work? I want to make wifi and bluetooth fully working.
  3. mandy11783

    AR5B195 bluetooth issue - Enabled but not detecting any Devices.

    My Bluetooth device is enabled in maverick 10.9.4, but doesn't show any devices. It is not even searchable from my iPhone. Wifi from the same card is working perfectly. Please help
  4. mandy11783

    AR5B195 not detecting any bluetooth or Wifi

    I had this model of card working and suddenly it is not detecting any wifi or bluetooth. It is being detected by the OS without any problems, but i am not able to detect any wifi networks or bluetooth devices. Can anyone help me with this?
  5. khawar.shzd

    Bluetooth remains ON

    Hi Thank you for such a brilliant work. :clap: I have successfully installed Mavericks on HP Probook 4740s. I have also replaced the built-in wifi card with Atheros AR5B195 card. And now wifi is working too. Problem is the bluetooth is not being turned OFF. It always remains ON and the button...
  6. se17

    4530s 2.3 or 2.5 GHz (LH306EA or B0X69EAR)?

    Hello everyone. I am new and don't have any experiences with creating OS X system. In 10 hours I have to decide which 4530s should I get. Can you please help me with decision which one would work OK (or better than the other)? Option 1: LH306EA Wireless: Atheros 9285 Processor...