1. myfhm

    Headphone port only playing stereo in Mojave Hackintosh (no mono info from output),Lenovo Ideapad S145 Kabylake. Speakers work Fine. Realtek ALC230

    I have a Hackintosh with Mojave using a AppleHDA text attached. The headphones port output only stereo information (Reverb, Delay etc) while the mono part is missing (voice, drums etc). The speaker works fine. How do I fix this?
  2. micsell

    Intel NUC (NUC7) - enabling internal digital mic

    I've added support for internal digital microphone on Intel NUC7. Instructions: - Make sure you have the latest Lilu installed on your EFI partition (1.4.7) - Copy the attached AppleALC kext to your EFI partition (replace existing AppleALC.kext) - Copy the attached AML file to...
  3. rtke333

    ALC888B (ALC887) - Crackling\popping sounds on Catalina 10.15.2 when playing any sound

    Hi! I recently updated my hack to 10.15.2 from 10.15 and I started having issues with audio (same on 10.15.1). Every time I start a sound for ex. Youtube or in Music app, there are crackling/popping sounds when playing and browsing in Finder, Safari, etc. Happening on rear Green port, 1 HDMI & 1...
  4. behradjafari

    My ALC269 codec is not VB or VC in Linux output command

    Hi first of all my Linux output says its just ALC269 not VB or VC im in trouble with my audio , I did different patch method such as AppleHDA Patcher app , this guide , appleALC , voodooHDA , cloverALC but with every one of these methods I have a problem and only get sound with appleALC and...
  5. danielywoo

    << Solved >> Mojave can only boot in safe mode, AppleHDAEngineOutput hangs

    Hi, I have Mojava installed but I can only enter OSX via clover safe mode. If I boot with normal mode the last line shows kextd stall [0] (60s): "AppleGraphicsDeviceControlPlugin", "AppleHDAEngineInput", "AppleHDAEngineInput", "AppleHDAEngineOutput", "AppleHDAEngineOutput", "IOResources" If...
  6. thelion01

    << Solved >> [Lenovo 510-15ISK) Can't get audio working (AppleHDA-patched)

    Hello Tonymacx86 community, I succesfully installed macOS 10.14.5 Mojave on my Lenovo Ideapad 510-15ISK notebook using a vanilla clover install. I used Rehabman's laptop guide. I got everything working except audio. To get most of my hardware working I used this guide...
  7. otila

    Audio (AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext) doesn't get loaded sometimes

    Hi, I am running Mojave 10.14.4 on a dual (actually triple) boot system (Dell 7577 laptop). Audio on my laptop sometimes work and sometimes it is not detected. Actually AppleHDA and AppleHDAController kexts are loaded but AppleHDAHardwraeConfigDriver is not loaded when Audio doesn't work. I...
  8. otila

    Speaker/Headphone switch problem

    Hi, I have installed (dual-boot) macOS Mojave 10.14.4 (upgraded from High Sierra) on my Dell 7577. Everything works fine for me except I am experiencing a strange audio problem. First, some times audio isn't detected (which is my secondary problem). I tried to see kextstat for appleHDA kexts...
  9. yasawijaya

    After Patching, Internal Audio Still Don't Work

    Hii guys, after patching my AppleHDA and my DSDT why my audio still didn't work? or my patch DSDT is wrong?? thanks guys
  10. megasend

    [10.14] Kernel panic while booting with cache

    Hello! Hope you are doing well! I upgraded directly to 10.14 Mojave from 10.13 High Sierra and everything was fine for a few days. Then I started to catch a kernel panic. But if I booted into safe mode (adding -x flag), and then clearing a kext cache (sudo kextcache -i /), the boot took place...
  11. norwayRainyday

    [solved] How to disable internal microphone completely in Hackintosh?

    Hi I've used Mirone AppleHDA patcher 1.8 and now just wanna disable microphone via Clover/kext/cnofig.plist somehow. There should be a permanent way to disable it without losing sound of headphone/speaker.
  12. magneto538

    VoodooHDA crackling

    After failed attempts to use a patched AppleHDA to get my build working (in particular, to get the speaker working - headphones were fine), I wanted to go with VoodooHDA. I removed all the patched files and reverted to stock AppleHDA configuration (no layout-id injection in ACPI) and installed...
  13. magneto538

    AppleHDA.kext - Headphones OK, no speaker

    I am fine-tuning the build as per my profile. I am applying the patches needed for AppleHDA by using the AppleHDA Patcher tool. Headphones are working, volume control is working, speaker is detected from Preferences > Audio but nothing is audible when using the speakers. The audio device seems...
  14. 23trastos

    lenovo u430 alc283 Audio not working after updating to 10.12.6

    First of all, my apologies for posting in a bad place before, it was my first time posting a problem. (and thanks for your answer and links to Problem Solving FAQ, @RehabMan) After updating to 10.12.6 I have no sound. I tried many things already and now I am in my lenovo u430 touch now with...
  15. Anteeiiku

    Boot Stuck at 50% after install AppleHDA.kext

    Hello, I installed AppleHDA AND Lilu in EFI/Clover/Extensions/Other/ and now I can't remove or boot ' I can boot by safe mode only ' And I tried to boot without kext but still stuck .. please help ..
  16. Owod

    [solved] ALC255 no microphone with layout 27

    Laptop: Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-59UW System: 10.12.6 I didnt know my audio codec name so i get it by AppleHDAPatcher app - Realtek ALC255. I tried to use VoodooHDA before, but sound is so quiet sound, that's why i decide to use AppleALC+Lilu (last versions). Problem: i start to change layouts...
  17. bigsicret

    creative CA0132

    Hi. After a bios crash i had to change my motherboard. I switched from z170x gaming 5 to z170x gaming 7. What is the best solution to have my audio work ? I replaced my AppleHDA patched with AppleHDA (original). I am with MacOS 10.11.6.
  18. LarryChen2099

    macOS High Sierra AppleHDA layout editing

    Hi Not sure if this is the right place for this post, seeing that I have an actual MacBook Pro (MacBookPro13,2). I'm trying to do some experimentation with the 'DSPFuncLib' (or something similar, forgot what it was called) included in AppleHDA. The provided layouts which I assume are for my...
  19. razin

    AppleHDA: Microphone comes in Output

    I feel sheepish starting this thread. I wasn't able to find other people with this problem. And the problem itself sort of feels funny to me. I used AppleHDA Patcher to patch AppleHDA with a variant of Realtek ALC269 (VC v3 to be precise). Since the variant of ALC269 I have is not listed, I...
  20. abdo96

    there any chance to get alc261 working without voodoohda ?

    hi everyone there any chance to get alc261 working without voodoohda ? i have tried AppleHDA and i haven't got my alc in the list, Any Help ? Thanks