1. kajaba

    Kernel panic on AppleEFIRuntime and AppleEFINVRAM

    Hello, I have a problem with my yet stable Catalina install. Recently I updated clover to 5117 and started to have a problem to boot - Stuck on [EB]#LOG:EXITBS:START] I downloaded latest bios for my gigabyte z390 I Aorus Pro Wifi - disabled MSR (CFG lock) with grub and it worked. Now I am stuck...
  2. SupakoolDude

    Can't reach setup, reboots on appleEFIruntime, appleEFINVRAM

    Trying to install El Capitan with clover (which I've never used). Followed the guide and created the bootable usb for installation. When I try to boot from it my pc keeps restarting and I sometimes the Prohibited sign. Any help please PC spec: Motherboard: Intel DP55KG Processor: i7 860...