1. josecomputertech

    Who can help me install and advice if my hardware is ok

    PLEASE JUST SEEKING HELP TO INSTALL MAC OSX MOUNTAIN LION ON MY PC... MY INFO IS AS FALLOWS PULLED FROM AIDA64 --------[ AIDA64 Extreme Edition ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version AIDA64...
  2. tonyapple

    100% perfect Mountain Lion driver packages for Gateway &Acer NV47 series laptops

    100% perfect Mountain Lion driver packages for laptops please follow my instructions step by step. note! don't care the driver packages names here, each laptop is okay 1st. install 'Acer_4750.pkg' with default chosen items, then reboot your laptop. And you will find sound can be used. 2nd...
  3. jasonbond

    How to skip loading bar make startup from apple logo

    When the system starts up it starts from the tonymacos apple logo and the bar that loads is there a way to start up from the apple logo instead because this start up makes me start up about 8 seconds slower.
  4. techyapplemanhd

    Flash Apple Logo Screen When Booting then Reboots

    Hello, Im running a Z77X-UD5H motherboard, a 3570K Ivy Bridge CPU and 8GB of kingston HyperX memory. Ive been having alot of trouble getting Mountain Lion installed on my system, as Unibeast decided it only wanted to write like 3mb to my drive (i know some files are hidden, the installation...
  5. chasewd

    ASUS P8z68 Motherboard, i7 2600k, HD 5770, and 8GB of RAM. What am I doing wrong? (POST INSTALL)

    I am able to install OSX Lion using the Unibeast method. I have a legit mac that I am using to troubleshoot. Everything seems to work fine until I start using Multibeast. Im not sure exactly what kexts I need to use based on my hardware. Ethernet seems to be supported out of the box with 10.7...
  6. amaddali97

    Apple Intel CPU Power Management KP

    Hey everybody!!!! So recently, I successfully installed Snow Leopard on my build (Apart from some difficulties with sound) without using a dsdt. Then, i decided to use a DSDT in case that would help with the sound (I'm a noob). So i downloaded the DSDT to my desktop, and used...
  7. qb84

    Apple Graphics Power Management (Display Sleep)

    I was wondering how many of you have this issue with AGPM enabled. Set your display to go to sleep at 1 minute (or set up a hot corner: Let your display go to sleep for a few seconds (maybe a minute...
  8. Bobby2012

    Apple wireless keyboard

    Hi. I just got my apple wireless keyboard and is working with a bluetooth dongle. I restarted my computer. So here is when the problem began. I have two operating systems on my computer. Lion and Ubuntu. When I tried to select one the keyboard did not work so I could not choose an OS. Also...
  9. iOSBeast

    Guide: Unofficial ProBook Installer v5b2 + Video for how to use

    Here's the video: Here's the installer download link: Please vote in the poll at the top of this page!! Got a kernel panic? Let me know in the comments.
  10. Craigrox

    [HELP] Apple Bluetooth board for Wake from Sleep

    The guide found on insanelymac for Installing Apple Bluetooth Module in your Hackintosh PDF guide found gives advice on which Apple branded board to get: If anyone has done the mod themselves...