1. nasgier

    Apple Music (Lossless) Issue

    My Hackintosh (running in Big Sur 11.5.2 | Opencore 0.7.2 and) has SMBIOS of iMac19,1 and when I tried to play music in Apple Music the track will just skipped. I found a workaround for it, I have disabled my Internal Graphics in my BIOS Setting. However the drawback is I cannot work with my...
  2. chriistailor

    Stuck on Apple Logo!!! HP 250 G3

    Hey! Please give some advice, cause i feel i am lost... I think i tried everything with Unibeast, Clover,and it's the same problem. I have a HP 250 G3 with Intel Celeron and i want to use Mac Os High Sierra (or lower) and i made a bootable USB following this guide...
  3. tonymacx86

    WWDC 2020 Special Event - Live Video Link Posted

  4. adam96pl

    Stuck at apple logo

    Hi, i have a problem with my first hackintosh. When i try boot from usb i see clover bootloader then i choose install mac os and then stuck at apple logo. i go through this guide: and this...
  5. Finneuru

    Refusing new kext's and kextd stall

    Got my build working without the GTX960, started installing updates when it suddenly wouldn't go to the macOS. The Machine was in the Apple logo screen with a full loadbar for around 30 minutes and didn't go anywhere from there. Launched with -v, -x to see this: I have no clue what to do now...
  6. Lazare69

    NVIDIA Drivers for Mojave…

    Now that Mojave is the "past" macOS, like High Sierra "was", when will we be getting macOS 10.14.x NVIDIA drivers? I know it was NVIDIAs mandate that it didn't do drivers for the "current" macOS, ie when Mojave was current we got drivers for High Sierra. So now that Catalina is "current", we...
  7. BeepWeep

    Apple services in Hackintosh Mojave.

    Services do not work: icloud, imessage, facetime. The following services work: appstore, itunes, news, ibooks. Siri does not work and says when turned on (immediately when Siri is turned on) sorry, could you say that again ?. SMBIOS configured all the ways that i found. Tried: null ethernet.kext...
  8. joan

    Hackintosh Asus Beginner

    Hello Guys, So, basically, I’m running into a problem. I am new in the hackintosh community and I’m right now trying to install High Sierra on my desktop (Win10). Here’s my configuration ; Asus Z87-A Motherboard (BIOS Version 04/19/2013) Intel Core i5-4570 @ 3.20Ghz nVidia 650GTX EVGA SLI...
  9. sissyfos


    Hello and a happy new year! I have problem with laptop HP 840 G1. It's a vanilla Mojave 10.14.2 with last Clover_v2.4k_r4813. Everything works ok after 4 or 6 restarts and restart doing exactly the same thing a bootloop for 4 to 6 times. Problem Report: Anonymous UUID...
  10. yoshy

    black screen or apple with bar loading forever on startup

    HI appreciate any help was trying to finally get my hack ready for update os. have been using usb stick to boot it for about 1 year since a blackout that i couldn't get the HD to boot by itself. I tried to get the multicast to reinstall chime so it would boot from HD using multibeast. This was...
  11. brianwong11031

    [Help] Cannot enable HDMI Audio via Apple ALC 1.3.1

  12. Montelli

    [Solved] High Sierra 10.13.5 black screen after apple loading

    Greetings, I upgraded clover and my pcdesktop from high sierra 10.13.2 at 10.13.5 with comboupdate from apple site...after loading apple the screen remains black it seems to lose the signal or can I fix it? Thank you Screen:
  13. JomoPipi

    Is my custom build compatible with hackintosh?

    Hi I'd like to play Fortnite on my custom build with Intel core i5, msi z370-A pro mobo and msi geforce 1060 gtx graphics card. I made a bootable copy of windows 10 on my mac then installed it on my new baby, but the internet doesn't work. I booted Debian on it, and then the internet started...
  14. easb

    Future of the hackintosh?

    Guys, I have a concern about the future of the hackintosh after having heard the news that apple may leave intel. What do you think? Greetings to all
  15. Macguy12

    High sierra direct upgrade stuck at apple logo after passing verbose screen

    I have a perfectly working sierra 10.12.6 setup on my 3537. I've read through and gone with the steps mentioned in "Common problems in 10.13.x" thread, stopped VESA drivers from loading by injecting properties. Finally I've checked and updated kexts and clover patches. To avoid APFS conversion...
  16. Zacke04

    [Solved] Stuck at apple loading screen

    Hello! Im trying to install MacOS Sierra on my PC. I have changed all bios settings according to guide at this site. I came successfully to clover bootloader. I choose "Boot macos from Usb". Apple logo pops up and when the loading bar pops up, it stops booting (see picture). My keyboard and...
  17. Roberto64

    Help Install on asus laptop frezze to apple logo

    Hello, Sorry for my english, i'm belgian. I have make an USB bootable key with Unibeast My laptop is an ASUS X550 CL - Intel core i5 3337u - intel hd graphics 4000 First i have download over 5gb Mac os high sierra setup on my mac and i open Unibeast (I have formated the usb with this code ...
  18. tapeboxparts

    Install keeps hanging at Apple Logo

    PARTS LIST: TUTORIAL FOLLOWED: 1. To access BIOS/UEFI Setup, press and hold Delete on a USB Keyboard while the system is booting up 2. Load Optimized Defaults 3. If your CPU supports VT-d, disable it - *DISABLED 4. If your system has CFG-Lock, disable it - *DISABLED...
  19. Alessandro0699

    install hackintosh high sierra on Acer Aspire 5750g

    Hello everyone, I would need some help from you. Today I wanted to install on my old PC: Acer 5750g (i5 2410m CPU, 4gb RAM, Nvidia GT520m GPU) hackintosh High Sierra. After creating the key, I insert it in my old PC (Legacy boot) is created the Clover boot, but, when I start the installer of...
  20. morbidown

    Apple logo freeze

    Hello, guys, i have a problem. My hackintosh has the boot problem caught. The version of mac is High Sierra 10.13.3 This error happens soon after the clover's boot. *I had a hackintosh on the sierraf version on the same hardware and had no problems with the installation* Can someone help...