apple g4 cube

  1. phunguss

    G4 Cube Alternate Touch Power Button

    G4 Cube Alternate Touch Power Button This is my alternate method to power on/off a cube with a finger in proximity to the top, but does NOT replicate the LED power indicator. I have seen the Hackintosh mods for the original touch button, but of the three I have tried, I could get none of them...
  2. rayd

    Rayd's G4 Cube Hackintosh - i7 4790S - H87I-PLUS - GTX 1050 Ti - 2x 1TB SSD

    Rayd's G4 Cube - Asus H87i-PRO - i7 4790S - GTX 750 Ti - DVD-RW - 1TB SSD - 16GB DDR3 1600mhz RAM Components ASUS H87I-Plus i7 4 Core 3.2Ghz 4790S 65W TDP...