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  1. wiebe

    Dell optiplex rx560 progress bar stuck

    hello, i have a 3020 dell optillen with a rx 560 in it but it won't boot in to mac os on my usb drive. also can't use my intel hd graphics because display port is broken so i put my monitor directly to graphics card.... i updated bios and i tried kexts but nothing works this is in verbose mode.
  2. jackassninja

    Apple logo and black background won't go away.

    Hello, In fact, my problem could be a matter of graphics issue. I have a Quadro K4000 for which I'm aware that It is supported. However, every time I boot, MAC OS turns on fine but It is the apple logo with the progress bar and the black background that doesn't go away. I know that I can still...
  3. ADaich

    Slow boot on High Sierra 13.6

    Hi! I've been with this problem since I finished my build, and I couldn't solve it. So any help would be appreciated. My hackintosh takes a lot of time to boot, sometimes more than 5 minutes. I put it on verbose mode and attached the photo here
  4. RandomNumber

    How to get proper screen resolution on Clover menu and Apple boot logo

    I have an older hackintosh. It's a legacy machine (no uefi). My Clover menu used to be a well defined clear 1920 x 1080 and the Apple boot logo use to appear in it's proper 'unstretched' size immediately upon boot. Somewhere between Sierra & High Sierra that changed and now the Clover menu is...
  5. worldie

    Boot stucks win Apple Logo and then restarts the computer

    Hello I need some help quickly, I made an USB-Bootstick and it boots. But when i get to the clover screen, ist there one icon that shows external and boot mac os x from untitled, when i click on that to install mac os el capitan, there just comes the apple logo without a progress bar and after...
  6. RandomNumber

    Clover Icons too big at boot screen & stetched logo (stage 1)

    Clover boot screen used to be properly sized (1080x1920). But since recreating Clover after my boot SSD died, I am stuck with this annoying giant icon boot screen and also the old stretched apple logo. The stretched logo changes to correct size on stage 2 of the boot process. This is minor but...

    (Help) Dell Latitude 5580 reboot automatically after some loading at Apple Boot logo.

    Hello guys, I am trying to install macOS High Sierra in a dual boot configuration with Windows 10. Sadly, I am unable to find any guides for this model and hence seeking help regarding issue that my laptop reboots automatically when macOS is loading (at Apple logo screen). Here are the main...
  8. marcoixtus

    I get stock at installation

    Hey I'm very new with all this, in fact this is my first build. I have: Mader Board: GA-Z170X CPU: Intel Core i7 6700k 4.0 GHz GPU: Gigabite amd radeon hd 7950 3gb (I haven't install the graphic card yet) So the problem is that I get stock on the apple logo at installation, the bard doesn't...
  9. RobbyBoy100

    ASUS A550VX High sierra installation problem

    Hello guys I'm new in the hackintosh thing Every time when i boot my laptop i get a apple logo and a loading bar. But if the loading half way i get a error logo and it does nothing anymore My boot args are: dart=0 nv_disable=1 I use clover my specs are: Intel i5 7300HQ 8GB DDR4 Ram GTX 950M...
  10. Tusharxdc

    apple logo disappears after hit enter on external button on hp pavilion notebook

    please help me i have hp pavilion notebook RAM: 8 gb PROCESSOR: intel(r) core(tm) i5-5200u cpu@ 2.20ghz 2.19ghz SYSTEM TYPE : 64-bit, x64 based processor i make bootable pen drive with sierra and successes fully boot into clover but when i hit enter in clover i see apple logo after apple...
  11. FiPa

    Intel NUC Hackintosh (Sierra) Apple Boot Logo stuck (before installation)

    Hey, It's my first time trying to create a hackintosh. I tried this tutorial: I already googled and couldn't find a solution :/ I have this NUC: Intel NUC-Kit i3-7100U 2.4GHz HD620 NUC7I3BNH I didn't...
  12. Roberthang

    Boot freezes on Apple logo

    Ive done everything according to the guide of Mac OS sierra and then when Boot it from the usb it just stays on the apple logo. I've attached what it looks like below, yes i know there is a help page for this. I did as it said "Replace VBoxHfs-64.efi with HFSPlus.efi in...
  13. dvass

    El Capitan stuck on Apple Boot Logo after successful installation-operation

    Hello to the forum, this is a recurring post, because I was asked by the administration to recreate my account (under the same username) due to a problem with it. Well, I'm facing the title problem, all of a sudden. As you see my Motherboard is a GA-Z170X UD5 TH. Multiple OS's (El Capitan...
  14. malevo

    GTX 660 Stuck at Apple logo AFTER the boot

    Hi guys! Yesterday I got an OCZ vector which I got up and running with dual boot 10.8.3 and W7. Today the 660 (non ti) arrived so I plugged it in hoping everything went ok but of course, it didn't (if it would've, I wouldn't be here writing this). Windows 7 works just fine. OS X on the other...