apple bar stuck

  1. 853071

    Catalina & HP Envy 13 d004no

    Already tried to install. Installer did not work without flag cpus=1 and had to add SSDT-EC.aml file to efi-folder. After reboot installation stuck on "Estimating time remaining...". process bar is about 40% Caps lock seems to respond and power button gives message "Your Mac will restart when...
  2. Charlie-Jiang

    Comet Lake i9-10885H iGPU no acceleration/can't boot into system

    Hey guys! I am having a little problem now with my iGPU on OC Big Sur. The iGPU, though being Comet Lake, is not UHD630, and is instead, according to daliansky's list of all GPUs, "Intel Comet Lake GT2" with device-id 0x9BC4, which is natively supported as per the WhateverGreen FAQ...
  3. abishu

    Installation stuck at apple logo with progress bar

    I followed all the steps mentioned in MacOS Mojave installation guide and adjusted the bios settings also. But when I boot, I get stuck at apple logo with progress bar. I boot in verbose mode and I've attached the screenshot My build Intel i5 8400 Asus h370 prime plus Crucial mx300 250gb Corsair...
  4. alfiebrown

    [install help] ASUS Zenbook UX430U - Could not get SMC Provider

    Hey guys, I'm totally new to the whole hackintosh process including this forum so let me know if there's anything additional I need to add / rules I need to follow better. I have successfully created a bootable USB, following this guide but the installer takes forever / hangs at...
  5. JayEllle

    Help - Stuck on apple logo with full progress bar

    Hi, trying to install Sierra. Everything went well until the install. I don’t know what I’m doing but I hate windows! This is hardware Asus all in one V241FA. I don’t know the specs. New to PC after many years on Mac. This is what clover shows
  6. spudds96

    Install "stuck" at 1% apple logo

    EDIT - I forgot to enable XHCI handoff in bios... my bad I decided to reinstall macOS again have used mojave before on this exact setup, but some reason it seems to hang up the apple logo with 0% progress on the bar, this is the initial stage after you pick the USB install in CBM (clover) Any...
  7. CookieCoder

    [Solved] Hackingtosh install stuck on Apple Logo. (Mac OS High Sierra)

    EDIT: This problem is now SOLVED. It turns out I forgot to enable XHCI Hand-off is Enabled in my BIOS. Thanks to BreBo for this fix. Hello, I have a computer with the following specs: Intel i7-7700K GTX 1070 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB), PC4-19200 (2400MHz) DDR4 Multiple SSDs and HDDs...
  8. Mr-Alexander

    Stuck on Apple Logo

    Hi, in need of some help. I'm trying to install macOS Sierra on an internal SSD on my custom built PC but the installation gets stuck on the Apple Logo and the loading bar. I've followed the instructions listed here...
  9. Powercooler

    Apple loading progression bar stuck at the end

    Hello Tonymacx86 i´m having a bit of a hard time figuring out why my hackkintosh won't load after installing. i have tried to load it in -v mode but i didn't work, i then tried to load it with -v and cache disabled (something like that) but then it stops at the "sound assertion", but comes...