1. gilbelocity

    Hackintosh not resuming app installation after the required reboot

    Hello, I am a noob here both in the forum as in Hackintosh builds. I have had mine for about 6 months now and everything works perfectly. However, I have been trying to install Sony's Imaging Edge Webcam software (an application that lets you use your Sony camera as a webcam) on my Opencore...
  2. miljan1983

    Mavericks iBooks app needed

    Hello guys, I made a stupid mistake while moving files and accidentally deleted iBooks app. I cant find it anywhere, so i am asking if someone would be so kind to send me iBooks app for Mavericks. if you can please send me one.
  3. lu7ifer

    Unable to download any apps from the App Store

    Hello! Installed is a fresh copy of Snow Leopard updated to 10.6.8. Multibeast was installed, too (EasyBeast and Network) PC starts fine. Mobo: GA-H67MA-USB3-B3 CPU : i7 2600 (non k) GPU : Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC The first problem was I could not login into my AppStore account. That...
  4. shilohh

    How to check your Install OS X app's version (Guide + App)

    Here is a walk through of how to check the exact version of OS X to be installed when you run the "Install OS X" app from the AppStore or create a USB installer from it. You can also do this for old installers that you may have collected over time. Right click “Install OS X [OS Name].app” and...
  5. wanksta11

    app store sign in "connection failed" on mavericks

    I installed mavericks 10.9.5 on my K53S i7 laptop and the internet works (using the Ethernet cable port). I can sign in into itunes but I can't sign it into the app store, it just says "connection failed" every time I click the Sign In button. I tried installing the AtherosL1cEthernet 1.2.3 on...
  6. ccr05

    Upgrade to Server via Server App?

    Hi! Currently my Hackintosh has been running smoothly for a few months now. I love it :). I've upgraded to a SS Drive and everything with out any compatibility issues. What i would like to know now is: would it be possible to upgrade to the Server version (Mavericks) with the Server App? If so...
  7. Son239

    Can not log in to app store

    Hello everyone! So I have the issue that most people have with not being able to long into the app store. I keep getting this error message: "Your device or computer could not be verified" So I researched and followed all the steps I could find. I deleted the network.plist, I restarted, I...
  8. moergie

    App store error: Device or computer could not be verified

    I'm a newbie on mackintosh, but tryin my best ;-) I have an Asus P6T Deluxe V2 board with OS X 10.9.4 running. After the last upgrade to 10.9.4 i'm not able to update my apps via the app store. Keep getting this error: I trief both solutions below but still no luck:Solution:1: Go to /Extra in...
  9. dez

    Mavericks Time Machine Black UI

    Hey guys, first time poster, but long time reader here. Please let me know if you require more information. I'm running the following config: Sandybridge i5 3.09Ghz Asus GTX 650 Ti Boost OC (not overclocked at the moment for various reasons). Apple 24" Cinema Display. OS X 10.9.4 I get the...
  10. bodich

    Can't get access to App Store

    I trying to download any app from App Store and getting this error: "Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance." What I should to do to get access? Thank you!
  11. pabloesco

    DWL-G122 - Revision C WIRELESS

    asus s500ca battery what i need to do so my battery shows up. thanks.
  12. funderburgh22

    Mac App Store Not Working Please !HELP!

    I have a Gateway GT5438 with a GeForce GT 610 with 2GB of video memory and 4GB of ram running Mountain Lion everything works perfectly but the Mac App Store. I use a N150 Wireless USB Adapter, and when i sign in to the Mac App Store it says "Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact...
  13. IvantheDugtrio

    Can't log in to App Store or iCloud

    So recently I realized I can't log in to either the App Store or iCloud for whatever reason. It just says it can't connect to the servers. Currently my internet works fine and I can access the iTunes store and the iCloud control panel via my web browser. Any idea why this is happening or if...
  14. hackpert

    Graphics not being rendered correctly in some apps on OS X Mavericks.

    Greetings, I have recently set up a new Hackintosh, and installed OS X 10.9 Mavericks. The OS is working without a hitch for most parts, other than a few apps which have been creating problems related to graphics. The maps app has never worked properly, showing unusual "static" like texture and...
  15. woktov

    Apple ID Won't Work: iMessage, App Store, iCloud, FaceTime etc.

    When I updated from Mountain Lion to Mavericks it stopped my Apple ID from signing in. This means I can't use: -iMessage -App Store -I can't update any App Store apps I remember reading somewhere that I should change my Apple ID password, which I did and to no avail All help is appreciated.
  16. mindhormone

    Show Hidden Files app!

    Hey guys, I made this simple GUI based app that lets you show or hide the special files on your Mac/Hackintosh. (files you cannot see unless you execute some Terminal commands). It saves some users from having to type intimidating code in Terminal. So anyway, it's just a simple app, nothing...
  17. ghuxley

    OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Download questions - App store

    New to this site and forum. Hoping to embark upon my first build but confused on the install location of the downloaded OS X Mountain Lion. If I need to have a Mac to access the Mac App store and download the software, am I downloading the OS X Mountain Lion Application software directly to...
  18. therobotmaker

    "Your device or computer could not be verified" App store error in Mountain Lion

    When I try to log into the app store it gives me: "Your device or computer could not be verified". I have tried everything I could find on the internet including the stuff on here, editing the org.chameleon.Boot.plist with the code from EFIstudio, deleting all the network devices, deleting the...
  19. AppleMacIdiot

    AirDrop Enabler - For already functioning or compatible cards

    Hi all, Here's my very small, but hopefully helpful contribution to the Hackintosh community at large (ie. You!). AirDrop Enabler is a small App to enable/disable AirDrop functionality on your Macintosh or Hackintosh (running OS X 10.7 and higher) with an ALREADY working WiFi card that you...
  20. c0nartiste

    Upgrading to ML from Lion: Apps Question

    I was wondering whether it was possible to restore a time machine backup from my lion hackintosh to the new mountain lion install? I want to preserve my applications that I have installed. If I can thats great how would I go about doing that? If not, are there any other methods in reaching this...