app store fix

  1. TheOG

    App Store not working

    Hi there, hoping someone can help! When i try to open the app store it just says "app store cannot be opened because of a problem". In the report logs it says this... Application Specific Information: dyld: launch, loading dependent libraries Dyld Error Message: Library not loaded...
  2. patana93

    Big sur doesn't update to 11.2 and not update apps

    Hello. I've successfully update my Asus VivoBook S15 from Catalina to Big Sur. I'm using Clover (in this moment v. 5129). The recovery partition was gone but I've mounted EFI partition with Clover and now it is reappeared. The issue that I have is that there is an update (11.2) but I always get...
  3. AimedRex

    Hackintosh Sierra App Store login Verification fix for only wifi pc

    Soo...Few days ago I tried to install mackintosh Sierra on my pc . There were no problem installing , the only problem was the Mac App Store verification error. To fix that I think you need to have an ethernet card installed its just my thinking just try it and clear everything. I just installed...
  4. victorraymond

    OSX 10.8.2 Mountain Lion - App Store Fix Instructions

    Hi, This is a guide for people who can't get App Store working. I have tried virtually "all" the ways that is possible to get app store working. In conclusion there is only 1 way that work for me (side note: if there is only 1 way that work when all has failed, which mean that 1 way is the...
  5. shlokpatel

    Cannot login into iMessage or Appstore but can in iTunes

    Hi, I just clean installed mountain lion on my new build and everything seems to work fine except that I cannot login into app store and download any apps and also cannot login into iMessage but when I try log in into iTunes it works fine. The error message on Appstore is "An unknown error has...
  6. ghadley_00

    Mountain Lion (10.8) Unable to sign into App Store, iCloud or FaceTime

    Hi, I have an Asus p6x58d premium machine that is dual booting win7 and mountain lion. I was able to install 10.8 onto a drive using unibeast. I do not use chameleon, but boot off the unibeast usb drive to choose the hackintosh drive when I want to boot into the Mac. The unibeast install did...