apollo quad

  1. julio764020

    Where can I connect ThunderboltEX 3 Header Cable on Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7

    Hi! I've been trying to make the Thunderbolt work for a while. I tried already 3 different motherboards but I read that this will work. Just want to make sure that, if I connected to the USB 2.0, it will work. I'd appreciate a lot your help thanks.
  2. Raddles

    Best ASUS EX 3 Thunderbolt card & UAD Sound card Configurations for 2018

    Hi, I wanted to create a current 2018 thread for other Hackintosh users who combine these two hardware devices and/or other similar UAD sound card configurations, and also for those Hackintosh builders who also want to do so. I wanted to share my best and stable system settings and reach out to...
  3. spyderfyre

    Thunderbolt Ghost Problem on Z170 board

    Hello, So I bought GC-Alpine Ridge a few days ago alongside a Apollo Twin Quad. Worked great the first 2 days with the exception of seeing no sign of any PCI cards, Thunderbolt, or anything remotely showing the Apollo in System Profile (except for "sound" the lucky time that it works!). However...
  4. spyderfyre

    [Solved] Thunderbolt on Z170-HD3

    Hey guys, I have the Z170-HD3 MB running the latest version of Sierra. I'm looking to add the Gigabyte GC Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 addon-card so that the Apollo Twin (Audio Interface) can operate properly. 1. Has anyone done this addition successfully yet? 2. Will this card work with my...
  5. lozlab

    Apollo quad and Z77 up5 TH can't make it with TB

    So starnge, my apollo quad is connecting with TB but no drivers appears on Mavericks in preference sounds neither in Logic , making it impossible to use and in about this mac the TB section says "no device detected". The apollo is responding to the console though... Any Idea ?