1. ha-saka

    won't boot please help

    I'm trying to install macOS Catalina using OpenCore, but it's stuck at the attachment screen. Any solution?
  2. MichaelPope

    Help Mojave to Catalina upgrade

    I have been running Mojave for a year now with no problems but a new app that I need for my home automation required a minimum of Catalina - so I tried to do the update following the direct update instructions here. That failed and I couldn't boot (machine kept resetting), so I tried to do the...
  3. ilcaccillo

    Clover installation of Catalina gets stuck

    Hello, I'm new to the Hackintosh world, so it's my first time trying to do this, I'm not experienced in the project and I've read the installation guide and I'm learning along the way. I was able to do an install USB pen of Catalina using Unibeast 10.3.0. I have a Gigabyte Z390 Designare...
  4. zaptabby2

    << Solved >> Catalina install stuck at Apple logo

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help. I am trying to do a clean install of Catalina. I have created a USB boot following Unibeast. I just gets stuck at nearly 100% at the Apple logo. I see from previous threads that it could be Unibeast? Is there an easy quick fix to this? Many thanks Z
  5. nutzer128

    MSI x299 Raider - Stuck @ Plist-only kext has CFBundleExecutable

    Good evening. I've been at my new Hacki for several days now, unfortunately I can't get any further at one point. I should have entered the SSDTs (successfully?) and the BIOS settings should also fit. In the appendix the "results" which I read from the board with "SSDTTime-master", if...
  6. UsamaK

    HP 1000 Notebook / Intel HD 3000 stuck at installation

    Hi, I am trying to make my first hackintosh by following this guide : https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/unibeast-install-macos-catalina-on-any-supported-intel-based-pc.285366/ And now i stuck at the installation. My installation is keep freezing to: "apfs_module_start : 1689: load...
  7. legaleye3000

    Unibeast Hangs - Please help

    Hello - I'm installing unibeast (Catalina), I see the white apple with the progress bar. After a while, the progress bar reaches the end and it hangs. Its been 20 minutes so far. Any help appreciated. Thank you. Using Stork's Maximum Gene build.
  8. rcbxn

    << Solved >> MacOS not booting

    Hello again, this time I’m having issues with booting macOS for the first time from the usb. I’ve tried several fixes I found online but ended up writing this post because none of them really worked. I’m using a HP Elitebook 8470p with the newest version of clover. I’m stuck at the last line...
  9. Seancgkiver

    Error on initial setup

    So, my first time attempting a hackintosh build, managed to get it to boot, ran my config through a checklist and it said everything should be ok, unsure if i've missed anything. cant seem to figure out what i did wrong. specs; MSI MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE AC Intel Core i9-9900K NVIDIA GeForce GTX...
  10. NaviMSU

    Installation stucks on apple logo

    Hi :) I stucked with my installation. I used unibeast and followed standart installation instructions. Hardware: Gigabyte z370 hd3-op rev 1.0 Intel I9-9900K Samsung 860 EVO -v logs and EFI attached. Thanks in advance :) Any suggestions?
  11. hugorslima

    Stuck on installing screen - ASUS Prime Z390M-Plus

    Hi guys, Here is my first post and my first hackintosh, I hope I give all information. I'm trying to install macOS 10.15.7 on my fresh new Desktop Computer. My problem is: I attached to this post my lasts EFI test. My config: - Asus Prime Z390M-Plus (BIOS Version 2808) - Intel Core i7...
  12. kb888

    Installing Catalina

    Hi, I am trying to install Catalina on an Acer Aspire laptop. I have created the installation usb and followed all the steps but when I'm a talking it, it freezes on the Apple screen after the progress bar has reached the end. Does anyone have any tips or know how to fix this. Thanks :)
  13. tanishar

    << Solved >> Catalina can’t reach installer

    Hi guys, anyone can help me understand how to fix my issue here. All the times i can boot from usb and start loading Catalina installer but hangs up at the end. I just tried in verbose mode and it all stops on loading com.apple.filesystems.afps
  14. lukehemmin

    apfs_module_start:1689 error

    Hi, I followed the step-by-step guide while loading Catalina 10.15.7. I tried to reinstall it several times, but it didn't work out. Is the unibeast version for Catalina suitable for this version to solve this problem? - Motherboard : Gigabyte B365M DS3H - CPU : Intel i7 9700K - RAM : 16GB -...
  15. RMJ114

    Asus Z390-F Gaming Unibeast stuck at nvme. Updated with new pic.

    I used the default "Installation Guide" in the top menu for my Asus Z390-F Gaming motherboard and i7-9700K and Unibeast locks up (panics?) at nvme. I have two nvme drives and even after removing them it still errors at that point. So, I'm not sure if nvme is even the problem. Here's a...
  16. br00cknim

    opencore apfs_module_start:1689 error

    I built my hackintosh by Opencore but when I boot with usb, it gets this panic. Do you know how to solve this? My specs: Asus Z270F Strix Gaming i7-7700K (non over) Asus rog Strix RX470 32GB 2666mhz (16*2)
  17. huangzonghao

    Unibeast created boot USB stuck at apple logo screen

    Trying to install my first hackintosh to a stock NUC8i5BEH, which by many is a hackintosh friendly machine and the installation should be straightforward. I downloaded Unibeast 10.3.0 for catalina (https://www.tonymacx86.com/resources/unibeast-10-3-0-catalina.490/), and created the bootable USB...
  18. nebulaosx

    Help for MacOS boot

    Hi guys, I hope someone could help me. Starting with my configuration: MB: MSI Mag Z390M Mortar CPU: Intel Core i7-9700 GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT Ram: 1x16Gb Hyper-X Fury Black 3200Mhz DDR4 NvME 1: Samsung 970 EVO NvME 2: Kingston SA2000M8250G I tried to install MacOS Catalina but something...
  19. DualBooterWannabe


    Hi, I'm a noob but it's days that I'm trying to install for the first time macOS in my laptop. I got Catalina from a Mac, I partioned in two part a 64gb usb (30.8gb each) formatted in macOS extended journal and GUI partion map, one partion is empty[EDIT: in the empty part I put high sierra and...
  20. pain1993

    << Solved >> Apfs 1689 Kernel Panic USB install Catalina

    Hey i have a problem ever time i want to install Catalina i get the error APFS 1689. I put the SSDT file in EFI one time it worked and i passed but then i habe an error with the wifi card and since then the APFS error comes every time. i need help please.