1. Phaz

    Installation stuck and usb not working since the beginning & older installation won't work with new configuration

    Hi guys, I just changed my configuration, from a Haswell to a Coffee Lake one. Since I didn't have enough time to reconfigure my config.plist kext etc before selling my old gear, my old mojave won't launch with the new hardware. Then I decided to go for a fresh install of Catalina, but I have...
  2. shawnferry

    z170x catalina 10.15.5 fresh install hangs at apfs_module_start with opencore

    Trying to take a previously working hardware configuration from Sierra/High Sierra and complete a fresh install substituting an AMD RX580. GA-Z170X-Designare | i7 6700K | Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition | Samsung 960 EVO 1TB I'm sure I'm doing something stupid but I'm missing the connection on...
  3. asanchezm

    Stuck at apple boot logo after Clover update

    Hi guys, I am stuck at the apple logo after a clover update. I can't boot in safe mode.
  4. SingX7

    MacOs Catalina 10.15.3 install error

    I don’t understand what could be the mistake? Please, help.
  5. romaindph

    Stuck at "Previous shutdown cause 5"

    hi everybody, Try to install Catalina on my Lenovo Tiny M710q i5 6400T, but I stuck a "Previous shutdown cause 5" Any idea ? Thank you very much for your help
  6. Enzo.F

    booting install fails at apfs_module_start:1683: load

    Dear all, I'm on Mojave and tried an update to Catalina, this failed several times ending up with a partially copied system drive to the Catalina system. So I've decided to freshly install Catalina on a different hard drive, connected via USB. When this runs I can CarbonCopyClone the freshly...
  7. MatteoColussi

    Process bar stuck when upgrading to Catalina.

    Hi everyone, I have a problem upgrading my HACKINTOSH from Mojave to Catalina. My specs here: - i7 7700k - Asus formula IX motherboard - graphics Radeon RX 590. My HACKINTOSH worked perfectly on Mojave, without any bugs or lags. I decided to upgrade it but when I boot it from “Boot macos Install...
  8. gertjuh

    Catalina on asus p5kpl-cm

    The unibeast Install stick for catalina was unable to install to kingston ssd when connected to onboard satacontroller. Hanging on apfs 1683. Tried several solutions but nothing worked. Then i tried the install with the disk in an usb-enclosure. It worked after replacing the telemetryplugin i...
  9. Dukemac37

    << Solved >> Error: Wrong control number 0 boot issue

    Updating from 10.15 beta to 10.15.3 successfully installed and booted drive on another computer assuming its a clover config issue. Any help appreciated!
  10. AndrewMok

    can't install Catalina

    Hi I was trying to install Catalina on my build following the instruction (https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/unibeast-install-macos-catalina-on-any-supported-intel-based-pc.285366/). But there have a problem when I boot with the install Catalina and it stuck during it is loading the code, see...
  11. Fernando1226

    << Solved >> Cannot install Catalina

    Hi! I tried install nacos? but every time it freezes on apfs_module_start. I installed all driver, kexts. What is wrong?
  12. TheUnknown14

    MacOS Catalina stuck at apfs_module_start:1683 on boot

    Hi, I'm a bit stuck in getting catalina Hackintosh to install on my PC. (I'd like a dual boot system with Windows 10 already being installed.) So any help will be highly appreciated. ;) I use Gigabyte Aero 17 My setup looks as follows: i9 9900 HK 64GB Ram Rtx 2080 max -q 2 x 1tb ssd
  13. fgursoy34

    << Solved >> Catalina installation stuck on apple logo apfs 1683

    Hey guys, would you help me for create my clover configuration files? i had no problems with previous versions, but I could not install catalina. i'm going to freak out. My specs, Motherboard: Asus Pro Z-97 Pro GAMER CPU: Intel 4790K GPU: Asus GeForce GTX980 ROG STRIX please anyone help me...
  14. cwunder

    << Solved >> Issues with Lenovo ThinkCentre m920z

    Hey :headbang: It's been a while since I don't Hackintosh, last time was in 2017 with OS X Sierra. So getting to the topic. I recently bought (literally this week) a Lenovo ThinkCentre m920z. Here is the Notebook Check page and the PDF of Technical Specifications and variations of the model...
  15. dgadson

    Catalina Help

    I've been playing around with this for the last day. My install continues to get stuck at apfs_module_start 1683. I have followed several instructions online on how to correct without success. Asus Tuf gaming I3 9100 Rx 580 crucial 330 my compressed EFI folder is too large to attach
  16. aztlan78

    << Solved >> Cannot do Direct Update to Catalina Stuck at Full Bar

    Hello Everyone, Ive been trying to update directly to Catalina from Mojave 14.6 and I get stuck on the bar at full and cannot go any further. I have attached a photo in Verbose Mode. Something about AppleNVMe Assert Failed. I am also attaching my EFI Folder. Maybe there is something wrong with...
  17. kailaikai

    No handler for Region [ECOR] after EC patching and stuck apfs_module_start:1683

    Hello, I'm currently trying to install the latest macOS Catalina on my Lenovo L390 Yoga laptop. As per advised, I renamed my H_EC device to EC after being stuck on apfs_module_start:1683 (or 1334 when trying the latest Mojave). I have also installed USBInjectAll and XHCI-unsupported on my kext...
  18. justsami.official

    Stuck on APFS MODULE START 1683

    HI guys I am a beginner And I need help am trying to instal Catalina but am stuck on APFS MODULE 1683 I need help please with my efi . mans this is my system information motherboard: TUF B360-PLUS GAMING cpu: Intel i5-8500 ram: 16GB gpu: XFX rx 580
  19. Qwedgeonline

    Stuck on -V with no error

    A couple weeks ago I was able to boot into the Catalina installer, but could not get USB devices to work, so I couldn’t continue with the installation. After taking a break and coming back a few weeks later, I can no longer boot into the installer using the flags that worked for me previously...
  20. MarcSebastian

    Catalina Troubles on Lenovo G500

    Hey guys, right from the start: I am a beginner. So please bear with me if I made an obvious error that prevented the boot. So I thought about installing Catalina on my Lenovo G500 laptop. This Laptop has an i5 - 3340M and runs on 8GB of RAM. I previously had Sierra installed on it but that was...