1. kuba2102

    Poor Bluetooth signal

    Hi. I had problem with my bluetooth ever since. I have Broadcom 20702B0 native WiFi/BT card with an adapter. Wifi works well but could better to be honest, but my BT range is a joke. I must keep my devices within 1 meter range from the antenna. Originally the adapter came with 4 mountable...
  2. jaymonkey

    [PRO TIP] Get better WiFi/BT Signal when using PCIe BT/WiFi Card in a Tower Case

    A few months back I added a PCIe WiFi & BT card to my desktop Hackintosh system. The card I bought was based on the BCM943602CS chipset which is a 3x3 MIMO device and is natively supported by MacOS, these cards can be found cheap on eBay for around £30.00 (approx $37): The card included three...
  3. bloodstrike

    PCI-e WiFi, attach Bluetooth to unused antenna?

    Not sure if this is the place to ask this, but here's my question. Following a lot of the guides out there, I picked up an Apple mini PCI-e airport card and a mini PCI-e to PCI-e adapter card with 3 antennas link this one (quick google search): . The Airport cards only have two antenna...