1. jimmyco2008

    FileVault with AMI UEFI

    The newest info I have is that about a year ago, someone had developed a WIP version of a kext that would allow USB keyboard input at the FileVault password entry screen for Hackintoshes with AMI UEFI, which is now 404 (see post here). I haven't been able to find a new link, nor an updated...
  2. MacVideoPro

    [Solved] Boot stalled at Gigabyte splash screen

    Hello All, I understand that this issue (Boot stalled at Gigabyte splash screen) may not be Hackintosh specific, but I got to this point by working on the EFI settings of my triple boot hackintosh and this is the 2nd motherboard I "brick" in that condition. So here is the story: I have been...
  3. momolinu

    Shuttle XH97V - no Boot

    I do have a problem with installation. It stops every time before i get into "choose language". I don't know where it stops, because process "verbose" is very fast. There is no boot-flag that helped me out; BIOS is configuered like the guide says, but the bios doesn't has the option "cfg-lock"...
  4. iskra

    If anybody know how to program Firewire GUID back after /p/b/n/c flash on ASUS board please chime in

    Hi guys, I did just that cleared NVRAM and MAC and GUID with it. I was able to find a tool to restore MAC but not FW GUID. I have asked ASUS support for utility they refused sending me to their service shop which will not gonna do it for free. The board in question is P5K flashed to P5KR, FW...