amd r9 290x

  1. iPwnz

    R9 290X Framebuffer Patching

    Hi! i am running a Xeon E3 1230v3 (no IGPU) on a Z87 G45 Motherboard with ASUS Matrix Radeon 290X 4GB and was using Clover to Boot Windows over my PCI-E NVME Adapted Drive which the Board itself could not boot from without Clover. So after some playing around i was seeing that Clover can boot...
  2. ReMiii40

    R9 290X with MacOS Sierra

    Hello guy, I have a Gigabyte R9 290X, and I have a black screen when I want boot for the first time on my HDD. I don't have iGPU (i7 920 1366 with Intel x58 so no Intel graphic card). How can boot ? Which options I must change in Clover ? Edit : The first boot work only with Inject ATI, fb...
  3. nogers

    AMD R9 290X 4GB Gigabyte Ram Problem and Other Issues

    AMD R9 290X 4GB ASUS Ram Problem and Other Issues Hello! I will be honest and say this is my first venture into the work of Hackintosh. So far I'm obsessed, but I cannot figure out this one. From everything I've tried, I cannot get all three display ports (X2 Dvi, 1 HDMI) to work correctly. My...