amd graphics card

  1. Phan.Huy.Cong

    Mojave AMD HDMI Audio (HD 7730)

    Hi all, I'm having problem with HDMI Audio on Mojave. My working config on High Sierra does not work on Mojave. These are methods I used: - Lilu (lastest release) + WhateverGreen (lastest release) - InjectATI + FakeID + Specify FB name => Combo Inject ATI - Custom SSDT fixes + Connector Patch...
  2. haschu0103

    [Solved] RX 580: Prohibitory sign when booting installer

    Hello there, I already installed macOS on my main PC back when I had a GTX 950. Everything seemed to be working great on my hardware, I have never experienced one single kernel panic. But recently, my GTX 950 broke and I bought a PowerColor Red Devil RX 580. I wanted to reinstall everything...
  3. Nikos87

    Help : Sierra Radeon R7 360 / Successful Fake id /low fps

    Hey Guys i though i would try hackintosh on an old system ,i had sitting unused and then move on to get more a current cpu & motherboard ,the system is a P5B Deluxe with a modded Xeon x5460 , 8gb Corsair XMS DDR2 i have both tried out the GT 1030 ,and the Radeon R7 360 the 1030 works both in...
  4. devsMac

    Need Help With installing and configuring new AMD Radeon RX 560

    Hi all, I have a very good working nearly perfect hackingtosh. But lately I have decided to use the rig to use it as Media server and more of a secondary Apple machine to do backups of all other devices; along with playing around with unknown open source applications. Anyway, Lately I started...
  5. Famos

    Radeon R9 390 under High Sierra

    Hey There, First of sry for my bad English (iam from germany) :) Now here is my problem. I Recently Updatet my Sierra Hackintosh to High Sierra to use the Newest version of XCode. Now my R9 390 is not working fully anymore(No acceleration+ only 7MB). It shows up @ 7MB only and is not working the...
  6. Galileo6373637

    Best settings for Vega 64

    Hi everyone, who has experience with the Vega 64 and can provide his settings ? When my system boots, the progress bar is nearly at the end, then monitors goes off for a second, then progress bar is filling up to 100 % and is system is online. Anyone with same situation ?
  7. Maveric55

    Problems Installing RX 580 on 10.12.6

    Hi everyone, I've been using my system fine for the last 5 months, stable on macOS Sierra 10.12.6. However, I decided to purchase an RX 580, hearing of it's compatibility in 10.12.6. I've been having some serious trouble getting it to work though. There is conflicting information on whether on...
  8. Damon99

    First hackintosh build - GPU advice?

    Ok so this isn't my first rodeo with building a PC.. However, this is my first hackintosh build... I've got what I think is a pretty decent parts list put together for my budget which I'd really like to keep under $1k. One thing I am struggling to decide on is the GPU. I've read multiple place...
  9. babyjoe

    Problems with AMD RX 570 in Sierra 10.12.6

    Hello!! I have a mac pro 5.1 (mid 2010) with Sierra 10.12.6. I've tried to change the graphic card to AMD Radeon RX 570. First it seems like it works immediately (oob) after installing the physical hardware. It boots with no problem, I can watch movies, browse the internet, starting up all...
  10. Mitadru

    Will sapphire amd hd 7730 work with mavericks

    I am planning to buy the sapphire amd HD 7730 1gb ddr5 graphics card. Will it go with mavericks? If not what will go in that price range? The rest of my...