amd 7000 series

  1. Fillwox

    AMD FirePro S7000 compatibility? Opencore/Monterey

    Hi all, I've been trying to get an AMD FirePro S7000 to work with Monterey and Opencore. My installation is stable using a 1060 (obviously not accelerated or functioning properly). I've got a load of S7000's from an old server and i'm trying to get them to work. A similar card, the W7000 is...
  2. JimmyBalti

    Need Help

    I want to install OSX on my PC. My Spec: CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245 (Sandy Bridge) 3.30 RAM: 11 GB 1330 Mhz SSD: 120 GB Intel GPU: AMD Radeon R7 350. Please guide for installation.
  3. Phan.Huy.Cong

    Mojave AMD HDMI Audio (HD 7730)

    Hi all, I'm having problem with HDMI Audio on Mojave. My working config on High Sierra does not work on Mojave. These are methods I used: - Lilu (lastest release) + WhateverGreen (lastest release) - InjectATI + FakeID + Specify FB name => Combo Inject ATI - Custom SSDT fixes + Connector Patch...
  4. moosefuel

    Xeon 8-core with AMD 7870 Slower than Macbook Pro 2013

    Hi all, I have been really satisfied with my build, a 8-core XEON 2665 2.4ghz with 16GB ram and SSD, including a Sapphire Radeon 7870 2GB graphics card, except for one thing. My 2013 Macbook Pro (15," quad-core 2.3ghz i7, 750ti 2GB) handily outperforms it in Final Cut Pro X and other tasks. So...
  5. PopeJamal

    Brightness Control - EliteBook 8470P & AMD 7570M on Yosemite

    Hi! I'm looking for information on how to get the brightness controls working on my 8470P with AMD 7570M graphics. I've been trying to piece together info from these three repositories but haven't figured it out yet: * - This is the...
  6. carpentryplus25

    Guide How to Patch AMD Framebuffers for High Sierra using Clover

    So if you recently installed High Sierra and have an AMD graphics card and were greeted at the end of the installation with black screens and Lilu.kext and WhateverGreen.kext wasn't able to resolve it, then try patching the framebuffer that corresponds to your graphics card to try resolving it...