1. Cyb3r

    1050Ti vs RX460

    I have been thinking to downgrade my 1080Ti OC because I need funding ATM and since the prices are high I could use that in my advantage. I thought of getting 1050Ti as a replacement, but it crossed my mind that AMD GPU's might have more compatibility with macOS since I heard they provide...
  2. Sexytaco

    [DESPERATE] 10.13.3 RX 460 Black Screen With DisplayPort (HDMI works)

    Hi all, Boy I'm having a blast with all these graphics problems lately. First High Sierra destroyed the performance of my GTX 970 to an unusable point, and now I can't get my Gigabyte RX 460 4GB Windforce to work right. I run a 4K monitor via DisplayPort. The cable and monitor are confirmed...
  3. Pisk96

    [Solved] Clover boot graphics

    Hi everybody, I have currently installed macOS High Sierra on my system( i7-4790 AMD RX 560 4G ) But I have some problem with graphics: every time I want to boot into the system (and not be locked after the boot logo) I need to change clover > options > Graphic Injector as seen in the photo...
  4. VanshRathod

    ATI/AMD Radeon HD 4600 Series - macOS High Sierra - Graphics Not Working

    Hello beautiful people, I've installed successfully High Sierra 10.13.3 on my Dell Precision T3500 but my graphic card is not working :(. I tried spoofing the device ID and Inject ATI with no success.