1. Azimuth1

    Coffee Lake and RX580 with broken sleep!

    Hi all, my machine is the one in signature: Asus Z370 Prime A (BIOS 0613) GPU: XFX RX 580 OC 8GB CPU: Intel 8700K multimonitor: a 2K and a 4K, both on GPU DPs. I'm working with WEG and LILU kexts and Clover is the last available one, v. 4428. Since the update to HS 10.13.4 my rig does not wake...
  2. overklock

    RX 480 Wake From Sleep Slow on 10.13.4

    Hey everyone, updated to 10.13.4 yesterday, removed WhateverGreen and Lilu. All seemed fine until I tried to get the computer to sleep. When waking from sleep, the monitor takes at least 20-30 seconds before anything is displayed. Seems like the computer is waking up and trying to access my...
  3. M1GU5L

    AMD R9 380

    Last year i tried to install Sierra but after installing it keped booting to a black screen, now i want to try with high sierra but i dont know what i have to do to get this to work. I heard about the whatevergreen and lilu kexts but i dont know what to do with them, can anyone help me solving...
  4. Jonnygamer

    Installing MacOS on HP Notebook

    Hello, I have a HP HQ TRE 71025 and I can not install macOS, I tried with macOS: El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra. But nothing. Can you help me? (translate by Google Translate Italian to English)
  5. Jessekazam

    RX570 Dual Display not working.

    Hey everyone! Ive had my Hackintosh up and running for about 6 months now. I recently bought another display and I can't seem to get both displays working at the same time. There is so much information out there and it's hard to tell what is old and/or outdated advice. My main display is...
  6. forcedmeme

    [Advice Sought] NVIDIA GTX 1050 vs ANY RX Card

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice from anyone who's built a rig with either (preferably both) of these manufacturers cards and High Sierra. I'm currently using a GTX 1050 in High Sierra and I've got to say that I'm far from pleased with the performance. It's slow, laggy and glitches all the...
  7. TheBloke

    Five or six simultaneous displays from AMD GPU (eg 7970)?

    I currently use an Nvidia 760 in my 10.13.3 Hack, with four monitors (one at 4K.) However I am considering replacing it with an AMD GPU, for two reasons: I would like to add at least a fifth, maybe a sixth monitor I get occasional lags and slowdowns with the 760, with both NVidiaWeb and Native...
  8. alex1304

    [PRO HELP NEEDED] macOS hackingtosh help

    So, I have decided that I want to continue my computer journey on a macOS. I don't have enough money to spare to get a new iMac or something so for now I would like to use my current PC. Now my specs aren't that great but for what I need it, it's enough. Intel Pentium G4400 no OC AsRock...
  9. Cyb3r

    1050Ti vs RX460

    I have been thinking to downgrade my 1080Ti OC because I need funding ATM and since the prices are high I could use that in my advantage. I thought of getting 1050Ti as a replacement, but it crossed my mind that AMD GPU's might have more compatibility with macOS since I heard they provide...
  10. Sexytaco

    [DESPERATE] 10.13.3 RX 460 Black Screen With DisplayPort (HDMI works)

    Hi all, Boy I'm having a blast with all these graphics problems lately. First High Sierra destroyed the performance of my GTX 970 to an unusable point, and now I can't get my Gigabyte RX 460 4GB Windforce to work right. I run a 4K monitor via DisplayPort. The cable and monitor are confirmed...
  11. Pisk96

    [Solved] Clover boot graphics

    Hi everybody, I have currently installed macOS High Sierra on my system( i7-4790 AMD RX 560 4G ) But I have some problem with graphics: every time I want to boot into the system (and not be locked after the boot logo) I need to change clover > options > Graphic Injector as seen in the photo...
  12. VanshRathod

    ATI/AMD Radeon HD 4600 Series - macOS High Sierra - Graphics Not Working

    Hello beautiful people, I've installed successfully High Sierra 10.13.3 on my Dell Precision T3500 but my graphic card is not working :(. I tried spoofing the device ID and Inject ATI with no success.
  13. FlameFusion

    Intel I3 6100, Sapphire RX570 Hackintosh?

    Hi, I recently just updated my system and I was wondering if it would hackintosh? Mobo:Gigabyte GA-H110m-m.2 CPU:Intel i3 6100 GPU:Sapphire RX570 Pulse Does anyone know if it would would with Mac OS Sierra or High Sierra. Thanks
  14. aldo.riese

    AMD RX580 - 3rd monitor is black in High Sierra

    Hi, it's a big maddening. I'm on 10.13.3, with RX580, everything is fantastic, fast, smooth, I can work with both my monitors connected to the DP ports of the RX580, but the TV connected to one of the two HDMI ports is black. When the TV gets no signal, it's blue, so it's getting 'something'...
  15. BPHvZ

    ATI/AMD Topaz XT

    Hi, I have a fully working Hackintosh laptop, and the only thing that I was curious about is my discrete GPU. I know that it's most likely not going to work, but I was just curious if anyone knows something about my AMD Radeon R7 m360 aka Topaz XT [Radeon R7 M260/M265 /M340/M360 /M440/M445]...
  16. StevenRCE0

    [Solved] R9 370x Fan Issue

    My fan is running slowly and uncontrolled in macOS. That causes significant performance loss, blackscreens. Hardware: Gigabyte H170 Motherboard Intel 6700K R9 370X reference edition Tricks tried (and failed): Load a downloaded vbios via Clover HWmonitor(no option/fan speed at all...) It'll...
  17. wincen

    Radeon 560 must use IGFX to boot up

    I installed a Gigabyte Radeon RX560 in my Sierra 10.12.6 build and it worked nearly flawlessly out of the box (sleep working). The main issue I am dealing with is the system will not boot unless I use Internal Graphics (IGFX) in the BIOS when I boot up. This is not a huge deal, but it is an...
  18. N8261D

    AMD Radeon HD 7470 Screen Resolution Help

    So I have my AMD Radeon HD 7470 Graphics Card working. The only problem is the screen resolution. It is 1280x1024, but my displays Native Resolution is 1920x1080. I have tried setting that as my resolution in clover configurator, and I have tried holding alt/option when selecting scaled in...
  19. SinanMAC

    High Sierra doesn't boot on the first time :(

    Hi I have MacOS via unibeast on my external hard drive. But I can't Boot it on the first time on my PC. I can see the Apple booting icon. And there is also the loading bar, but it doeas't load. I tried to wait an hour, but nothing changed. I'am very new on this thing and it would be very nice...
  20. Gladtobearound

    [Success- kinda..]XFX Radeon 480 4GB-Gigabyte 297x Gaming 5

    Ok, so I cried on the forums how I can't get this work since I bought this card (April). Followed some guides, but ultimately I had to do my own thing, because the forum threads for this card are for Sierra not High Sierra. I am a complete noob also, so don't ask me complicated things how things...