amd 280x

  1. Ryan Thomas

    AMD GPU with Socket 2011

    I have a fully working socket 2011 hack with a GTX Nvidia GPU. (actually be in use for over 5 years!!) I want to explore the possibility of more power for FCPX by using an AMD GPU. Perhaps a Nvidia 740 helper card with the AMD GPU as the main GPU. Anyone Tried this? or have this setup?
  2. Farodo

    6700k + nvidia or + amd

    Hey guys, I am ghosting through this forum and this great website for almost a year now and after finally selling my old iMac i really want to build my first Hackintosh now. My configuration is almost ready to order and looks as follows at the moment: Motherboard: GA-Z170X Gaming 5 CPU: Intel...
  3. Eiinsteiin

    Help me to find my Setup :)

    Hello Guys, nearly 3 years ago I build my first setup, wich was very fine and since then I upgraded some parts of it. So now, I would like to upgrade the oldest parts and build me a hackintosh :lol:. Here are my current parts: CPU: AMD FX-4170 Mainboard...
  4. ricky7

    [SUCCESS] “Hac Pro” Asus Sabertooth mark II, i7 4790k, xfx AMD 280x

    [SUCCESS] “Hac Pro” Asus z97 Sabertooth mark II, i7 4790k, xfx AMD 280x ricky7's Build: Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark II - i7-4790K - XFX R9 280X Components Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark II USB 3.1 Motherboard Intel Core i7-4790K Processor XFX Double Dissipation AMD 280X Boost Graphics Card Fenvi...