1. UniNerd

    Trying to get WiFi working on Asus Maximus VIII Hero Alpha

    MB: Asus Maximus VIII Hero Alpha (Z170) Specification: CPU: i7 6700K 4.0GHz Quad Core GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (Pascal) Guides I've (mostly) followed...
  2. znithy

    [Guide] Install macOS Sierra on Alienware Alpha (Drivers, Messages, FaceTime ...)

    This guide is for Alienware Alpha i7, GPU Nvidia Geforce 860m. Previously my Alpha installed Windows 10 only, booting with UEFI windows boot manager. After completing the following procedure, now it has a dual boot of Windows 10 and macOS Sierra using Clover. --------- Main Steps ----------...
  3. h3i11

    Alienware Alpha R2 Install Problem

    Hi All, I have been new to hackintosh and this forum. I was trying to get my Alienware Alpha R2 (i7-6700k, gtx960) hacked but getting errors everywhere. After following the basic instructions and instructions in this skylake-post (here), I managed to get my PC to this error "Service exited with...
  4. fffedef

    Lexicon Alpha doesn't work

    Hi, how are you? I just bought a USB board to record my guitar with GarageBand but I have some problems. Plaque is the Lexicon Alpha, when connected to the PC is noisy. Without the instrument is noisy and do not know how to get it out. How I can get the annoying noise between the...