allocating error

  1. bxz888

    Prohibited Sign after Adding Kexts on Mojave

    Hey All, I had a friend of mine help me with the software portion of my hackintosh and I honestly have limited knowledge on how it works. Last night I tried to add a Fenvi FV-HB1200 WiFi/BT card to my machine. It was marketed as plug and play, however upon boot, only the WiFi worked and not...
  2. gabrycosta04

    [HELP! Error allocating 0x11c01 pages... HOW TO FIX IT?

    hello to everyone, how can I resolve the error "Error allocating 0x11c01 pages at 0x00000000005469000 alloc stype 2. Couldn't allocate runtime area" My pc: CPU: I5-8400 Motherboard: MSI B360M Gaming Plus GPU: R7 250x Boot args: dart=0 -f UseKernelCache=No radpg=15 -lilubetaall keepsyms=1...
  3. krishnapal

    error allocating 0x262a pages... error!

    i sometimes get the error on startup like error allocating 0x262a pages and i need to restart the pc for it to go away, i need to restart at least for 3 times for it to go away, no other problems with the OS!
  4. GoToDi3

    Error allocating 0x0116a2

    hello there today I had this problem: “Error Allocating 0x0116a2 Pages at 0x0000000003626000 allocating type 2 Couldn’t allocate runtime area Boot Failed, ecc....” I hope someone can help me
  5. MCrow21

    El Capitan boot Error

    Hello Everyone. I.m pretty new to the Hackentosh thing and I'm having some troubles booting up the installer. I can successfully boot into Clover but however I try to boot from the USB stick it gives me this error Im using a HP laptop (HP envy M6) my specs are (i7...
  6. drgross

    Error allocating ... pages at ... alloc type 2 / error loading kernel cache (0x9)

    Hi, yesterday I upgraded my well working Asus Laptop (Hackintosh) with more RAM and a Samsung Evo 850 SSD (more mA than old hd). I tried to install El Capitan with the same USB I used in the past and I am getting this error: OsxAptioFixDrv: Starting overrides for...