alienware hackintosh

  1. me.pietro

    Alienware R3 - Ask how to do Mac OS High Sierra Hackintosh

    Hi everybody, my name is Pietro. I'm from Italy and I don't speak English very well, sorry. I'm here to ask help with my laptop and the Hackintosh world. My Notebook is a Dell Alienware R3 15" 2017 with these components: CPU: Intel i7 7700HQ GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 Storage: SSD 256gb + 1TB HHD...
  2. mauor6

    Help with Alienware Aurora R3

    Hello guys, I'm thinking in install macOs Sierra in my old Alienware R3. But I do not know if it is compatible. If someone already install macOs in this computer (or a similar) could tell me if it works? Alienware Aurora R3: Motherboard: Intel P67 (Alienware) CPU: Intel i7 2600 3.4GHz Ram...
  3. firecall

    Ye Olde Random Reboots?

    So my Alienware Alpha R1 has been rock solid in use. But it's randomly rebooting in the night, and this morning when I tried remote into it. (It's on Ethernet, so maybe receiving wake on lan signals). Not kernal panics, just random reboots. Going by the console I can see some Darkware Exit...
  4. firecall

    [SUCCESS] Alienware Alpha R1 60 second guide

    Success! So I thought I'd give back the community with a quick guide. I picked up a used Alienware Alpha R1 for peanuts on eBay. It's the i3 model and had 16GB RAM. First things first Check it boots OK with Windows. Check BIOS version and Update to latest - this was already on A05. Setup...
  5. wesleyandrews

    Alienware mx11 r2 Help

    So i'm trying to hack an old alienware mx11 r2 for a few weeks, but i'm having no luck. Ive tried 10.12 and 10.11 so far(don't have access to older versions). Ive made installers via Uni and terminal, Clover will boot but when I try to boot the installer -v show nothing and a few seconds later...