1. ThesIMson

    Sound Interruptions - OS X Mavericks ALC898, Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H

    Hello everyone. Two days ago I've successfully managed to install OS X Mavericks on my PC (you can find the details inside my profile). I exactly followed the instructions provided in the 10.9 installation guide: Created a bootable pendrive using my bud's Mac Mini - OS X Mavericks from...
  2. Sofos


    Hello. I would first like to thank toleda for the work and to apologize for my bad English. I'm install you kext for alc898 from the MultiBeast (Whithout DSDT) and get the problem. Soundcard is going down after ~30s omission, the speakers there is a characteristic noise. And it's «ON» again...
  3. alk195

    [G5 Mod] ALC898 - Audio keeps switching between Headphones and Rear Green

    Hey guys, So I used the Customizing AppleHDA.kext guide to unlink the Front and Rear (green) audio jacks, I moved the headphone input to item 5, since I don't use SPDIF, I figured I'd replace that and keep my other ports functioning, as I have a surround sound setup. I then deleted the rear...
  4. jampackedtech

    Kernal Panic After Running LATEST MULTIBEAST

    Hey I just built myself a Hackintosh! z77x Ud5h gtx 670 i5 3570k Everything is working until I run the latest multibeast! All i check is the audio, Realtek ALC898 . When I restart my screens turn off but the computer stays on. I then enter the boot flag GraphicsEnabler=No. I get onto...
  5. mason808

    GA-X79-UD3 - Do I need a DSDT?

    Hello all, Thanks to all the great knowledge and information posted here I have successfully installed 10.8.2 on my PC without using DSDT. All works fine except for sound (ALC898), I have tried the Interim Realtek Ivy Bridge Lion AppleHDA.kext but get random popping sounds and not all...
  6. swashbuckler

    ALC898 audio dropouts on rear jack only

    I've just completed my first build following the latest ML CustoMac build guide and everything is working fine, except for one thing: the green rear audio jack which corresponds to "internal speaker" setting in ML has a lot of audio dropouts. This does not happen with the front jack...