1. rafaeldk

    [CHALLENGE] Hack in a PCWARE (Brazil) MOBO RTL8111F

    Hi guys! First of all, thanks for the support of tonymacx86 community, our effort is a big help to everyone... So, I propposed my self a challenge to hackintosh my pc with this configs: Mobo: PCWARE IPMH81G1 CPU: i5 4440 GPU: Gforce 550ti Theoretically, it's impossibru. but.. CHALLENGE...
  2. sawyer17

    CloverALC110 Scrip PROBLEM

    Hello I have a problem with "CloverALC110 Script". I can perfectly install this "script". The problem comes when I restart my computer. I always lose audio when I restart my computer, but do not lose the audio outputs in system preferences. Just the speakers do not sound. I have to reinstall...
  3. stargijo

    Audio not working after rebooting - Realtek ALC887

    I have installed Yosemite (10.10.5) on my custom build pc. Everything works fine except the audio. I tried installing corresponding drivers, lots of fixes, reinstalling osx many times, noway audio is not working. After installing drivers and following the steps here...
  4. LeJokar

    [SUCCESS] GA Z97-HD3 / i5-4690K / GTX 970 / Dual Boot Win7 - Yosemite

    [SUCCESS] GA Z97-HD3 / i5-4690K / GTX 970 / Triple Boot Win10 - Yosemite - Ubuntu 14.04 Alright, a small introduction to my rig: I initially wanted to create a "beast" gaming PC but as a pationate Mac user, I also did not want to miss Mac OS X. As an ongoing IT student i also need to expand my...
  5. kerorita

    No AUDIO on Yosemite 10.10.1 GA-Z77-DS3H ALC887

    Hi .. a friend of mine, told the moderator " Toleda ", could help me, so I ask for his/her expertice I have read the guide for HDA .. but sorry I'm not so wise I've been running since my hackintosh, since Tiger, without troubles but now I need help. I was a gift from my bro. I'm booting with...
  6. mhmed

    Audio stops working after long idle period [MB v7.0.2//Yosemite 10.10 // ALC887/888b]

    I set up my hackintosh with OS X 10.10 using MultiBeast 7.0.2 and I am running into an issue where after long bouts of sleep my audio stops working. The audio controls are still there — but no sound whatsoever. The only solution is to reboot. I checked the forums and it seems like this was an...
  7. waduscheli

    Audio don' work with Gigabyte z77-ds3h

    Helo everyone I've installed Mavericks on my Hackintosh. After using Multibeast, the sound doesn't work. I've installed the ALC887/888b Current v100302. But still no sound. Do someone knows, what I have to do now? Thank you for the help.
  8. jodorowsky

    ALC 887/888B GA-H81M-H No Sound

    I'm having trouble getting sound to work on the GA-H81M-H v1.1 board. I've seen another post that reported success, so I am slightly concerned my motherboard is defective. I installed the sound drivers with Multibeast 6.1 (due to an issue with sound disappearing after sleep in 6.3), with the...
  9. EGiGoka

    Realtek ALC 887 No sound [10.9.3]

    DSDT installed, patched (mb wrong) MB: ASUS P7H55-V Tried realy many kext's, MultiBeast with both of audio drivers. I will try VoodooHDA, but think audio will garbage. Sorry for bad English. Thank you for help.:cry:
  10. priteshdesai

    Starts with the Mouse ends with the Speaker..

    I have installed Mountain Lion via Unibeast. Surprisingly, my keyboard and mouse didn't work for the first 5 minutes after booting. I figured out the problem was AppleHDA.kext and KDAEnabler1.kext via this thread -...
  11. deshi2013

    Can't get Audio to work on GA H55M-S2 motherboard on Maverick 10.8.5 - Toleda Please Help

    Hi please someone help, I can't get the sound to work on my system after updating to 10.8.5 It was working fine in when I installed 10.8 but since the updating to 10.8.5 the sound won't work. I tried several installs of ALC887/Without DSDT/ALC887 Current v100302. I have the gigabyte GA H55-S2...
  12. whizzzkey

    GA-H87M-HD3 Realtek ALC887 No sound

    Hi guys, I've just installed mavericks 10.9.1 on my hackintosh-pc and everything works fine except audio. I didn't get what is the problem, I've just followed this tutorial and after install I've launched a MultiBeast and I've chosen in audiodriver option a Without DSDT -> Realtek ALC887...
  13. sktanmoy

    Mavericks audio issue

    My Devices Intel i3 3220 GA B75M H3D Asus Nvidia Gforce 210 Everything is working except audio. (Voodo audio is working but quality is horrible without mic). Audio Device is ALC 887 I've tried some AppleHDA guide with no success. I've attached codec dump and ioreg here. Can anyone help me please?
  14. lganunes

    Weird behaviour ALC887 10.8.5

    Hello, After weeks struggling with video problems, now I have audio issues... After installation, no sound at all. Installed ApleHDA modified to ALC887 and now I have this bevahiour. The output changes from Internal Speakers to Headphones randomly. I've put a online video to show the...
  15. C

    Mountain Lion Installed, But No Sound. GA Z77-DS3H Rev 1.1

    Hello, I have finally *almost* ironed out my install of Mountain Lion (10.8.4) on my build. It all works except for the sound. I have researched and tried many different choices in MultiBeast. I have scoured the web and downloaded various kexts that apparently solved this problem for someone...
  16. MacWINtosh

    GA Z77 DS3H - no audio help!!!

    A few days ago i build my new hackintosh system. Everything worked fine except of audio. I installed the right drivers in MultiBeast (without DSDT -> ALC887/ALC888b) but it wont work, i dont know why. i already had worked but i opened audio in system preferences and whoops, audio didnt work...
  17. bkoch709

    New ML build: Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H ALC887 not working

    Just built a new machine for photo editing: CPU: i5 3570K MB: Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H GPU: EVGA GT640 2GB DDR3 RAM: 3GB (1x3) DDR3 1333 HD: OCZ Vertex3 120GB Case: Corsair Carbide 300R Monitor: Viewsonic VX2208wm Audio: 3 rear ports + 2 front ports (headphone/mic) The ML install from...
  18. dinoxproduction

    10.8.2 ALC887 partially working

    Hi. After I upgraded to 10.8.2 I lost audio as I expected. I have installed the ALC887 from the Multibeast 5.0.2 and it works now, but I only get digital output meaning I can hear sound trough my USB headphones but analogue "line-out" is not showing for my speakers. I had this problem when...
  19. brainoutsource11

    No audio on P8Z77-M (10.8.1)

    Hi guys! Could you please help me with an audio on my Hackintosh? I've installed the 10.8.1 on a PC with ASUS P8Z77-M (w/ ALC 887 audio). I've ran the Multibeast 5.0.2 after the install and I'm pretty sure I've messed the things up by selecting ALL the checkboxes in the Audio section. I know...
  20. hyxer

    No Sound on Mountain Lion (ALC887)

    Sound was working under Lion 10.7.2 using 7ender's patched applehda (+ edited dsdt) after clean installation of ML, everything works except for sound used every combination in multibeast 4.6 to no avail. original Processor:Intel...