1. Ruzude

    airplay help

    post install, used multibeast and was working a little bit, then used chameleon to fix imessage with nvram and now airplay doesnt show up at all, any ideas?
  2. sakus81

    Home sharing / Airplay / Bonjour / something is not right

    Hi! I'm a first time Hackintosh builder having just installed the system in my signature two days ago. Everything else is working very smooth (better than I was expecting even), but there's something weird going on with with home sharing/airplay and I'm now starting to think it's actually...
  3. beyre83

    Airplay Mirroring Z77 Does Not Work

    I know what most of you probally are thinking Airplay Mirroring does not work with a HD4000, iMac Sys Def, works with a MacMini Sysdef but then you can not watch itunes trailers just get garbled graphics as tested by others here... but HD4000 works with itunes 10.7, 11.0, 11.01 in 32bit mode...
  4. sebideluxe

    Airplay Mirroring with HD4000 / GTX680 on 10.8.4

    Hi, the following hackintosh works great with the exception of Airplay mirroring: Xeon E3-1245v2 with HD4000 integrated graphics Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH (F11) Gigabyte GeForce GTX680 Mac OSX 10.8.4 In UEFI, the HD4000 is initialised first as is required for Airplay Mirroring. My Display is...
  5. xtrasteven

    iTunes - Multiple-Speakers. Maybe Hackintosh related problem

    Hey Guys, first I want to tell you, Audio works for me. (For specs look to the left). I use a MacPro 3,1 System-Definition. I have a question which maybe is hackintosh-related, maybe I have to deal with it then. Okay, I have a Gear4 Airzone Air+ Speaker which I can use from my iPhone, hackbook...
  6. uber

    H77N-WIFI - Audio Out possessed! Repeatedly switches from HDMI to Airplay causing receiver to switch

    My build has been working pretty much perfectly except for two things 1. The computer will not wake from sleep, which I can live with; and 2. The Audio out setting repeatedly connects (defaults?) from HDMI to Airplay which is a problem. The build is used as a media center so is connected to...
  7. moozturk

    Using AirPort Express with non-Apple modem/router to use wireless AirPlay

    Hello there friends, I recently bought an AirPort Express. And I'm trying to make it talk to my computer wirelessly over a non-Apple modem (AirTies Air5443). I'm already able to create a standalone wireless connection and use AirPlay features by connecting to it, but unfortunately I'm unable...
  8. Instinct69


    Is AirPlay going to be enabled or even work on a hackintosh? Currently I am wondering how to use AirPlay with my Apple TV to stream music. I would like to use AirPlay rather than having to use an alternate program. If anyone could help, it would be deeply appreciated.
  9. DerpyH0ovez

    Airplay Help

    So I finally got everything up and running, and it ran like a dream. This is, however, until I went to airplay my desktop to my apple TV. This tool was the main reason why I built a hackintosh in the first place. First let me tell you the specs, and then I'll get to my question. They are as...
  10. tmpadj

    Gigabyte Z77N-WIFI Airplay only Audio

    This is my first hackintosh build. Gigabyte Z77N-WIFI, i5 3570k, 8gb. The audio was working fine before and once my wife clicked airplay it went over the air to the apple tv and she was happy. Here's where the problem started....once you try and disable airplay it will not let you, and if you...
  11. okeribok

    AirPlay works, but stops and disappears

    Hi everybody, Maybe someone could help me get started troubleshooting this issue I have. After a fresh bot of all devices involved, AirPlay works just fine. However, it stops working after "a while", even when I was streaming songs over AirPlay. Since I built the hackintosh as a replacement for...
  12. cjboorman

    AirPlay Wireless Music Streaming to a Home Theater Receiver

    I have a JBL OnBeat AirPlay sound station (, and I can stream audio to it from my iPhone, my iPad, and my Hackintosh. The OnBeat just shows up as an optional audio device in multimedia apps on my devices. It's all part of Apple AirPlay...
  13. qb84

    HD3000 (i5 2500K) how to?

    Does anyone with this CPU/GPU give me a quick nudge in the right direction on how to get this card working (acceleration, AirPlay, etc)? I have tried so many ways I found on this site and they all give me different results. (Like editing the plist file and adding the device id 0112, changing...
  14. mrfish

    GTX 680 + HD3000 possible?

    Hello Everyone, I recently purchased a GTX680 for my hackintosh. Unfortunately installing the GTX680 using graphicsenabler=no breaks airplay (because then then the system doesn't load the kexts for HD3000), and that's one of the features i use the most. Is anyone aware of how to fix this...
  15. mexusa

    Airplay Mirroring.. Any tips you guys can give me?

    So i cant get my airplay mirroring to work.. everything else works fine. GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 i7-2600k TP-LINK TL WDN4800 16GB RAM 1600mhz 1GB WD HD Mountain Lion I suspect it has somthing to do with my audio support... (although i can play mysic and watch video on my monitor and...
  16. mexusa

    POLL: AIRPLAY Mirroring Working or not...

    I get the option to do airplay mirroring, but nothing happens when i select it... it just stays selected for about 5 seconds then it goes back to airplay mirroring off (it detects my apple tv fine) ... My hardware: GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 i7-2600K HD3000 (No dedicated grafics card) 16GB Ram...