1. oldman20

    AirPlay not working Catalina Hackintosh

    Hi all, I have issue with AirPlay in Catalina 10.15.3: I can't enable AirPlay Display, this is my spec and config. I don't know how to define exactly, sorry my bad English. I follow this What I did in...
  2. TheWorse

    Asus ROG Hero II Airplay not working through wifi Archer T4U V3

    Hi guys, I've been having a rough time dealing with airplay issues after installing Mac OS both Catalina 10.15.2 and Mojave 10.14.6. I tried everything but unfortunately it seems that airplay only works through my ethernet connection. I've used...
  3. shoaibsharif

    Solved > Sidecar is not working?

    Hi, I have recently moved to Catalina. Everything is working fine except AirPlay. I want to connect my iPad as my extended monitor but I can't. I have researched it a little bit, but I can't find the reason why it is not working. Note: I have a MacBook Pro 15 inch where I can connect my iPad as...
  4. brianwong11031


  5. brianwong11031

    Solved > [Help!] Safari Keep Crashing After Enabled iGPU For AirPlay!

    Hi, After I enabled MultiMonitor IGPU inside bios settings, and boot up. Everything looks fine but safari will be crashed on many websites even it looks like this: (sorry, my English is not very well.) Please help me...
  6. AlexGrozX

    HELP - OS X default driver revert back to Nvidia Web Drivers after restart

    I bought GTX1080 and installed latest nVidia web drivers for High Sierra (I'm currently on 10.13.6 (17G6030)), but as the title says - when I select "OS X default driver" in NVIDIA Driver Manager, it reboots the system with "Nvidia Web Driver" Just can't use AIR Play Mirroring. Any solution?
  7. bhavasagar

    Mojave airplay problem and slow boot.

    First of all, I thank these folks at tonymacx86 I've been able to Install Mac OS on my PC( especially Rehabman for his amazing guides and tools) My Problem, I've followed several guides and able to install Sierra successfully everything was working including Airplay, QE/CI, quick-sync , audio...
  8. brianwong11031

    Need help with Graphics under Mojave

    I followed some guides and copied some .kext, .bundle, .plugin files from High Sierra (S/L/E) To Mojave (S/L/E) and rebuild caches+reboot. but I still can not enable HD 3000 ... Do I need to install any kexts or edit plist? Please help if you know how to.
  9. brianwong11031

    How can I enable Airplay Mirroring under Mojave?

    I can enable but no acceleration with HD 3000. it shows VRAM: 7mb and I cannot enable airplay mirroring. Can anybody helps me to fix this issue? Thanks a lot. and I don't know why the cannot get my EFI files so I uploaded as attached file.
  10. brianwong11031

    How can I get airplay mirroring under Mac OS High Sierra?

    Please help me to enable airplay on my desktop Hackintosh. My graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti. Thanks a lot.
  11. brianwong11031

    How can I enable AirPlay under Mac OS High Sierra?

    Please help me, how to enable airplay under Mac OS high Sierra? Thanks.
  12. kingseamus

    AirPlay Interfering with Audio Interface Connection

    For the past few months, I’ve been having issues with my USB 2.0-powered Duet 2 audio interface. After a couple of minutes of use, the Duet will begin cycling on and off, causing the audio to cut out and my speakers to pop. After having looked at a Systems Report of my Mac 4,1, Apogee’s tech...
  13. Slay271

    HELP-No iOS devices appear on my Mac (AIRPLAY)

    Hi, I have a problem with Airplay whether it is Wi-Fi or Ethernet the problem is present, my hackintosh works perfectly well everything is up to date. I have never managed to run it alone my network box is displayed but no iOS devices connected to the same network appears on my Mac, yet I try...
  14. originalmagneto

    Choppy graphic performance (YouTube) with Quicksync enabled?

    Hi, I've been running a hack for quite some time, having problems here and there. Now, I've settled on a config (i5 6500, but wil be changing to i7 7700 soon) but I keep struggling with performance still. The graphics and the UI is extremely choppy (GTX 1060 6gb, 16GB RAM, 256GB AHCI SSD + 1TB...
  15. RomBzG

    AirPlay with Nvidia card

    Hi, I can't activate the mirroring screen with AirPlay, just the sound. This is my hardware : - Asus Maximus Formula VII (Z97) - Intel i7-4790K - GTX 770 2Go - 32Go RAM - SSD (OS) HDD (Data) - Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD (Wifi + Bluetooth) This is my config : - Quick Start > UEFI Boot Mode -...
  16. chippo911

    Airplay without iGPU

    Hi, I just finished install MacOS Sierra on my Broadwell-E system. Everything works great except Airplay. Since 6900K CPU doesn't have any iGPU, I wonder it is possible to enable Airplay on this system? I have a combo of Titan Black and Titan X Pascal as my GPU. Thanks a lot for your help :)
  17. nouxtywe

    KP with Airplay troubleshooting

    Hi all! I would like to discuss Airplay with you guys because the behaviour of my build is somehow mega strange. I use CLOVER. Here's the build: Core i5-4690K - 3,5Ghz (3,4-3,9) GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-OC EVGA GeForce GTX 760 SSD SAMSUNG 250Go TP-Link TL-WDN4800 Dual Band Wireless N900 PCI Exp When I...
  18. ViieeS

    How to set up Airplay to play music from macbook air or iPhone on hackintosh?

    How to set up Airplay to play music from macbook air or iPhone on hackintosh? And is it possible to enable AirPlay Mirroring via Nvidia card? In About This Mac my hackintosh showing as iMac Mid 2011, as I know AirPlay supports this version, but icon isn't showing...
  19. hackwilliam

    [Question] How to turn on AirPlay on laptop hackintosh

    here i got 10.11 running pretty good, how can I turn on AirPlay? mod DSDT? how? btw, why i got a working sound with patch config.plist and aDummyHDA, but MIC doesn't work?
  20. Jeractus

    Youtube Airplay works, but no Airplay for anything else?

    Hey guys, probably a stupid thing I'm missing on my part, but I updated to El Capitan with Clover the other day and I noticed Airplay checkbox is now available ("Show Mirroring options in the menu bar when available"), however only my displays show up and not my Apple TV, the icon is of Two...