1. JaredWard

    AirDrop Missing From Finder?

    Hey guys! Quick question. I just recently got my new coffee lake Hackintosh up and running and ran into this bug. Everything is working flawlessly except for AirDrop and for whatever reason it's missing from the Finder. I've attached a few screenshots to show you all what I'm seeing. I'm running...
  2. bookert

    IOGear GBU521 Bluetooth + TP-Link Archer T63 Wifi != Airdrop

    Hi there, I have airdrop enabled on my hackintosh running High Sierra 10.13.3. Bluetooth and Wifi using the above hardware both work perfectly. Airdrop icon is available in finder however, it does not allow me to discover or be discovered by anyone. (See attached screenshot). Both GBU521 &...
  3. Zeev

    AirDrop without Wifi (only ethernet)

    Hey folks, i hope this one is the right forum for asking and also that no one already answered this question (if so i didn't searched well enough): Is there a way to use airdrop without installed wifi-adapter/wifi-network? Or do you have to install even for an "ethernet-airdrop" a...
  4. wangbo223

    High Sierra AirDrop completely missing from Finder

    Hi, I have had a successful Sierra build using UniBeast/MultiBeast with Airdrop perfectly working. Now I did a brand-new High Sierra installation on the same computer hardware but AirDrop button is completely missing from my Finder. Note: after running defaults write
  5. wardase

    AirDrop only Ethernet

    Hy I would like ask that is possible use airdrop only just use Ethernet with High Sierra hackintosh? My pc has got ASUS Z87-c Motherboard and I want use it's port. First time nothing appear in my Finder side menu, than I use this in my terminal: defaults write
  6. Shridhar

    Handoff continuity and airdrop now working on high sierra 10.13 with bcm94352hmb.

    Hello hand off continuity and airdrop not working on high sierra 10.13 bcm94352hmb. it worked on sierra but not working now. Any ideas? i have not changed patches since sierra as my wifi is working properly and bluetooth show in menubar. do i need to apply new patches ? or anything else
  7. tobi931998

    My Airdrop can't find iOS devices

    Hello everybody! I have my PC on macOS Sierra. After use this code on Terminal: defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1 killall Finder I have activated Airdrop but i can't find any iOS devices (my Dad iPhone and my iPhone). What is the problem? Please explain it for...
  8. Stohle

    AirDrop over wired ethernet?

    Hi. Guys. This is my first post. After days of tinkering and trying out different stuff I finally got macOS Sierra 10.12.6 to work on my hardware. Got a kernel panic from the Nvidia web drivers on all solutions i could think of. Anyway, I am now looking into getting AirDrop to work. 1. Wired...
  9. menik

    HELP - BCM 94360CD - Bluetooth not working ?! Kext or Dongle alternative ?

    Hey there, since my recent BCM was outdated after i upgraded to Sierra i got myself a PCI-e Card with the BCM 94360 CD Module. Now my WiFi works out of the Box, AirDrop is finally listed in the Finder-Bar, but my Bluetooth isn't working and AirDrop on my iPhone can't find my hackintosh system...
  10. menik

    Apple BCM9432MC Wifi Modul not working in Sierra ? No native WiFi / AirDrop

    Hey there, when i built my first hackintosh i also built myself a proper WiFiCard using the original Apple WiFi Modul BCM94321MC. Since then i had no Problems from Snow Leopord to El Capitan. But since Sierra i don't have WiFi anymore and so i don't have AirDrop (Which isn't visible since i...
  11. jyanes83


    anyone else noticed after 10.12.4 that handoff and airdrop stopped working? Is it just me?
  12. royord

    AirDrop with TP-Link WDN4800

    Hello all, you have all been a great support to me as I have built/tested systems. I have search and not found a good answer to the following question I hope that someone can help. System: OS 10.12 (Sierra) Gigabyte GA-7170X-UD5 (Mother Board with v20 BIOS) GeForce 950t (Graphics) TP-Link...
  13. EverythingIsRed

    [Help] Enabling Handoff/Continuity features

    Here are the things that I have working: Internal Bluetooth 4.0 works out without any additional kexts/patches. File transfer to android works. Low energy mode is supported. Handoff not supported (At least that's what SysInfo tells me) Ethernet (using the Realtek kext) iCloud tabs in Safari...
  14. arashmaghbouleh

    Hackintosh Can Only Airdrop To Other Macs, Hackintosh to IOS is Not Supported

    Hello, I am new to the hackintosh world so please pardon me if I'm sounding dumb. I've been trying very hard to airdrop to my iPhone 6 from my hackintosh but I've found no luck. On my MBP laptop, when I click search for older macs, that laptop is discovered on my hackintosh. Once I send a file...
  15. KyleGP

    Airdrop - iOS devices won't see mac, worked previously - 10.11.3

    I have a problem with Airdrop in 10.11.3 I have the Broadcom BCM94360CD in my hack (which I believe is the card used in the official iMac) and everything works except my iOS devices just will not see the computer in Airdrop. It worked previously for me in 10.11.1 and I think 10.11.2. I...
  16. mitrovtsiy

    BCM94352HMB - not working bluetooth

    Hi, yesterday i get a BCM94352HMB from aliexpress. Wifi is working correctly (even 5GHz), but i have some problems with BLE. I installed BrcmPatchRAM2.kext and BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext via KextUtility. Also i make clover patch for handoff. Bluetooth turned on and displayed in settings. And I can...
  17. sundd

    can't pair with iphone5 through bluetooth and can't use handoff

    ​hello, everyone, my mackintosh works good except bluetooth, so i buy a usb bluetooth, in el captain, 10.11.1, it can be recognised, and says everything is ok. However, when i pair with my iphone5, it connected for a moment, about 1 or 2 seconds, then disconnected. i reboot for some times and...
  18. CalFord542

    BCM94331CD AirDrop and Bluetooth Issues

    I have an Apple BCM94331CD installed via PCIe that is having issues with AirDrop and Bluetooth in Windows 7. WiFi works natively in both OSes and Bluetooth works fine in OS X Mavericks, however, Airdrop will not work in OS X (tested with iPhone 5S on iOS 7.1.2) and Bluetooth will not work...
  19. the_gael

    WDN4800 Airdrop on Yosemite 10.10.2

    I just tried to drop a file from my iPhone 6 to my hack using Airdrop but neither device sees the other despite being on the same Wireless network. My Hack is as per my profile. I have never tried using this before so don't know if it has ever worked. Should this work with no modification...
  20. Sidetrack_CA

    100% Working PCI-e Broadcom bcm94360cd (Airdrop, Continuity, Handoff)

    I spent a lot of time looking for a solution to my airdrop not working on my Hackintosh and found several articles that referenced buying a particular PCI-Express card that housed the Broadcom bcm94360cd chip. The one most commonly referenced was from Mallaid/Toabaco. I searched for this card...