1. z553993920

    Continuity camera and handoff don't work, AirDrop can only receive properly

    I have a DW1560, which seems working normally on others' device on the Internet... But I cannot get it work properly. I did make it work smoothly once, but after some updates, I failed again. Now it can be discovered instantly on iPad running iPadOS, but it cannot discover any device unless I...
  2. ahmedbayoumy

    Rosewill n900 mojave

    Hi all, upgraded to mojave a while ago and didn't notice that airdrop wasn't working until recently, was anyone with the same wifi working able to get airdrop working?
  3. elyo

    Solved > Cheapest kit for Airdrop, Continuity / Handoff - Wifi not important

    Hi, New to the forum, and looking for some advice. Ive built my hackintosh, and everything is working fine on high Sierra, except airdrop, continuity and handoff. my motherboard does not have bluetooth, or wifi natively. Ive read the thread on here with suggestions about a Broadcom card and a...
  4. z553993920

    [HELP]AirDrop Problem: can only receive perfectly

    I have Dell XPS 9560 with an DW1560 card running mojave. However, it can receive perfectly like a Macbook, but as for sending, it need some extra actions to make it work. Let's say I've got an iPad and an iPhone. Only when I use iPad to search for my laptop beforehand can my laptop detect the...
  5. tiju50

    Sleep mode and Continuity Camera/Airdrop issues on Mojave 10.14.5

    Hi, I'm new to hackintosh. I built a Windows desktop in 2016 and just made the jump recently in trying to make a dual boot Windows 10 / macOS Mojave, using a spare hdd to install macOS. After some trial and error, I finally got my hackintosh working pretty much all out of the box, using...
  6. pbyfield02


    What Wifi/Bluetooth Card would I Have to get for my Computer To Natively Support Airdrop, Handoff, Continuity, and Unlocking Mac With My Apple Watch on Mac OS Mojave? I am running a Dell Inspiron Desktop 3467 With an Intel I3 and Intel HD Graphics 4400. Edit. Would this card do everything I...
  7. celgus

    AirDrop not working with native T9E

    Hey guys! Few days ago I successfully build my Hackintosh (RX Vega 56 and my old i7 4790). Then I decided to buy natively supported WiFi (TP-Link Archer T9E). When I booted first time everything was nice (AirDrop button appeared in Finder) and AirDrop worked (I tried several times). But next...
  8. dominikzorgie

    (Solved&Solution) BCM94360CS2 M.2 NFGG – WiFi and Airdrop works but BT not

    Solved! On almost all the adapters that you can buy, the manufacturer incorrectly threw the ground poligon.Therefore, you need to isolate the NGFF adapter from the BCM94360CS2 network card and from the shield that installed on the motherboard. Sometimes need to isolate all places where we must...
  9. z553993920

    AirDrop Problem: can only receive perfectly

    I have Dell XPS 9560 with an DW1560 card running mojave. As the title say, it can receive perfectly like a Macbook, but as for sending, it need some extra act to make it work. Let's say I've got an iPad and an iPhone. Only if I use iPad to send something to my laptop beforehand can my laptop...
  10. Franci01

    Continuity and AirDrop

    hi, I've got an internal working wi-fi card and a Bluetooth dongle. Is it possible to activate continuity without buying other components?
  11. berry64

    MacOS Mojave Airdrop not able to recieve

    Hi, I am running macOS mojave on my X1 Carbon. I switched to a BCM94352Z card and wifi&bluetooth works perfectly fine, but airdrop does not seem to be working In my airdrops panel, i can see other devices perfectly fine and also drop things to another device perfectly fine(authentic apple...
  12. A.Tony

    Which hardware to buy for Wifi and Bluetooth on Mojave? Please see my build.

    Hey, my build is the following and i dont know which bluetooth/wifi hardware to add: Asus Z390-A i7 8700K Stix Vega 56 Samsung Evo 970 NVME M.2 Need bluetooth for wireless keyboard, mouse, Airpods and Airdrop Thanks in advance :)
  13. aldoalfalus

    AirDrop doesn't work on AR9285 - Mojave

    Hi everyone, I have a laptop with the Asus S451LB type, many problems have been solved like QE / CI, mic, sound, brightness, facetime, imessage and many more. but when I try this airdrop doesn't work, can anyone provide a solution on how to activate AirDrop on Mojave? I have tried pairing with...
  14. Mr. Falafel

    Mojave - Natively supported Wifi for Airdrop

    I am looking for a natively supported wifi card that is capable of handling Airdrop. I would be great if its tested on Mojave and is PCI Express. Recommendations?
  15. vishnunath

    Best networking card that supports ac band, airdrop and phone call (2018)

    I have built a hackintosh recently. But, my usb wifi and bluetooth are not working on it. Can anyone suggest a wifi/bluetooth card for my desktop that supports AC band, Airdrop, Phone call and bluetooth (4.0<) headset connectivity.
  16. gamervzla

    how to change an efi file and install lilu.kext

    Hi! i recently bought hardware for my new hackintosh high sierra 10.13.6 (aorus gaming 7, i7 8700k, gtx 1080, corsair 32gb @4000 and m2 970 evo) i found an efi file (10.13.2) from a guy that knows a lot of hackintosh and have same specs like my mine, except the gpu (amd) and sdd, i tried it...
  17. jackn

    Airdrop outbound not working in 10.13.6

    I created a fresh install of macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 on my Dell XPS. All wireless functions seem to be working (bluetooth, wifi) except airdrop outbound. I can send files from iOS device running on latest firmware to my hackintosh. I cannot send files from iOS to hackintosh. When I try to...
  18. brianwong11031

    Help! How to enable wifi and airdrop on a Hackintosh laptop?

    I don't know how to enable wifi and enable airdrop on a hackintosh laptop so please help !!!
  19. vardaan75

    BCM943602CS (Bluetooth, Handoff not working properly)

    Hi! Here is my Build: Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 Z370 Intel 8700K Corsair Vengeance 32GB - 3000Mhz And this network card -...
  20. Slay271

    HELP-No iOS devices appear on my Mac (AIRPLAY)

    Hi, I have a problem with Airplay whether it is Wi-Fi or Ethernet the problem is present, my hackintosh works perfectly well everything is up to date. I have never managed to run it alone my network box is displayed but no iOS devices connected to the same network appears on my Mac, yet I try...