air cooling

  1. Kafke

    Water or air cooling research, please give me your experience!

    Guys, I've been researching cooling for a few months now and I get different answers from different people and it drives me nuts. Right now I have a Noctua D15 (the huge beast) on my i7 6700k at 4,4 Ghz. During the rendering or editing in Premiere or After Effects, say, when the load is 100%...
  2. Petertsim

    Alternative to the

    Hi I'm slowly buying the components for the mini deluxe listed here. My only worry is about buying the Corsair H60 (Water) because of some of the reviews saying it leaked. Really don't want to take the chance especially as I'm new to pc building and might make a mistake. Question is what is a...
  3. firefistace

    air or water cooling for Dual CPU

    Hi im building a hackintosh for the first time with a Dual CPU motherboard and I was wondering whats better for cooling my CPUs? The CPUs im getting are 6 cores clocked at 3.5Ghz. the cpus have a max of 3.8Ghz when over clocked but I'm not sure if its necessary considering all im going to do is...