after effects

  1. shilohh

    GPU CUDA/OpenCL Acceleration Support in Adobe CS6/CC apps.

    I created a simple AppleScript app to automate the process of adding your unsupported/uncertified GPU/s to the supported cards lists of older versions of Premiere Pro CS6/CC, After Effects CS6/CC, and Media Encoder CC. This will enable CUDA and OpenCL acceleration on your unsupported/uncertified...
  2. maraqja

    After Effects crashes at launch on El Capitan

    Hi guys, I just successfully installed El Capitan on my first Hackintosh. I installed also some of the Adobe software but unfortunately After Effects crashes at launch (Adobe Premiere, Photoshop work fine). I have an Nvidia gtx 960 card and installed official drivers. How can I fix this? The...
  3. PutjesLucht

    help this noob with picking parts

    I want to build a hackintosh but i'm a total noob at building computers. I use premiere and after effects intensively. Are these good parts for video editing? Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth X79 SSD: Samsung MZ-850 EVO 75E250B (250 GB) CPU: Core i7-4820K GPU: EVGA GTX760 SC 2GB D5...
  4. sea-cam

    Advice on After Effects & Premier, editing Build

    I have a 2009 Mac Pro with a GTX 680 with dual quad core xenon 2.8 processors and 8 Gig of ram. I want to upgrade but the new Mac Pro's are too expensive. I tested the 8 core mac with 32 gig of ram on an After Effects green screen project I was working on and it rendered 5 times faster than my...
  5. HackInBuild

    CUDA Not Working in After Effects

    I followed this guide the other day found here: I keep on getting stuck on step three when bob tells you to type in this command into terminal: /Applications/Adobe\ Premiere\ Pro\ CC/Adobe\ Premiere\ Pro\...
  6. AlaaElrifaie

    [Q]: Would Video Editing Apps work properly with Intel HD 4000?

    Hi there, I'm gonna get the Probook 4540s ( This model particularly: "Amazon Link" ). The main reason I'm getting this laptop is to Triple-Boot! I'll be doing HD video editing on the Mavericks platform ( e.g. After Effects, Adobe Premiere ). Would the GPU handle it properly without any...
  7. thewaycooolgage

    First Hackintosh Part Advice for video editing

    Hello everyone I am a high school student who is building a Hackintosh for photo and video editing and other creative things. The programs that I use are Adobe Photoshop, After effects, Premiere pro, Lightroom, Logic Pro X, and Cinema 4D. This is my first PC build but I have support from...
  8. misterlament

    Final Customac Pro Socket 2011 Build - Am I good to go?

    Hi everyone! I’m putting together the final details for my new socket 2011 build for video editing and motion graphics and I’m hoping I can get some confirmation this is a workable build before I spend all the money. I’ve taken all of my items from the May 2014 Customac Socket 2011 Buyers...
  9. niemypoeta

    Laptop For After Effects/Premiere

    Hi. I'm looking for laptop to install OS X. I will be using After Effects and Premiere so NVidia is necessary. Could you suggest me some laptop please?
  10. microdroid

    Quadro K2000?

    Hey guys, I'm a successful Hackintosh user since the end of 2013, but now I'd really like to upgrade: As I am doing very much with After Effects lately and I'm planning to get a little bit deeper into it, I want to get a new Graphics Card. The GTX760 that I have now is not certified for the...
  11. filmnoirfan

    Best Nvidia Cards for Premiere & After Effects CS6?

    Can I get recommendations for best and current 4 Nvidia cards for the Premiere and After Effects CS6? Please pick (2) budget, $300 or less, and (2) of the best, price not an option. Thank you.
  12. UnKnown1112569

    Advice appreciated: Hackintosh for pixel precise work

    I've been going through various build sets and I'm finally coming to a point where I have it all done. Any comments, advice, proposals, praises & disses are needed and much appreciated. I'm a UI/UX designer who uses mostly Photoshop and Illustrator. I also do video editing with After Effects...
  13. vepus

    After effects CC system freeze

    I recently run into problems with After Effects CC when I push the program to his limits (loading heavy memory footage or rendering), what it happens after I push too far the software or just purging the memory and cache is that the system freeze and I must reboot or shutdown. I've been...
  14. davidmanwel

    Video Editors Build! HELP! ( Premiere pro, AE, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Maya, etc..)

    Hi so this will be my first hac pro build, only building it for video editing such as premiere pro, after effects with some 3D, photoshop, etc.. As of right now i am not getting into Cinema 4D or Maya but definitely plan to within the next year or 2. The only 3D I am doing now is in After...
  15. scottbastedo

    Software/Hardware Compatibility on Editing System

    I am going to be building a hackintosh or buying and iMac in a few weeks, and I need some advice. I will be using: Premiere Pro (mostly) FCP X (when desired by clients and prepping for teaching editing) After Effects (infrequently) Photoshop (frequently) AVID (rarely) MAYA (looking to...
  16. endlessteeth

    Mavericks / Adobe Creative Cloud App / Installation Problems

    Hello, I just finished a build with a Gigabyte Z87X-OC and an Intel i7 4770K. I'm having big problems with the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App. It won't install certain apps successfull such like After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC. The progressbar goes to somewhat around 40 - 70% and then it...
  17. BillApp

    GTX 770 Slow for Adobe software

    The hackintosh I built a few months ago with a GTX 770 is being really slow rendering in After Effects and just moving around in 3D space on it lags. I recently was told Adobe doesn't support "GPU acceleration" for the card on OSX. Is there any way to tinker with this to make it work better or...
  18. strongpronk

    Hackintosh having random freezes with Sapphire Radeon HD5450

    Hey guys! So I have my Hackintosh with a Radeon HD5450 graphics card. I just installed Adobe After Effects as its my main video editing program. About 10 minutes into editing, my whole computer freezes. Everything is unusable until I reset the computer by pulling out the power cable. This only...
  19. Jommeke

    Only CUDA after starting After Effects

    I have a good running Hackintosh sinds a few months. I have enabled CUDA for Premiere and After Effects and it worked fine all the time. Today i installed the combo update 10.8.4. My GTX 680 was running very good with After Effects and Premiere CS6 (CUDA was ok) Today i also installed the...
  20. vert3kz

    NVIDIA Quadro 5000 + CUDA + Adobe Premiere (Mercury) / AfterEffects

    Hey everyone! I have a Hackontosh built with ASUS Z8PE-D12X Mainboard and 2x Xeon x5670 and a Quadro 5000 gfx card on OSX 10.6.8 and I'd like to make full advantage of CUDA to get full GPU accereration in Adobe products like Premiere or After Effects... but somehow CUDA won't work with those...