1. vinnni

    Hackintosh / VR Config Advice

    Hi, I'm planning to build a new PC for a dual Boot Windows (VR Gaming + Machine Learning test) and a Hackintosh. Is this is useful build or can anyone for example recommend swapping the processor for a better / cheaper alternative? I'm not sure if I need the i7 or should look for an i5 in the...
  2. DukeLavis

    Budget Build Comparability

    A few weeks ago a friend upgraded his PC and gave me his old CPU for free. A different friend has been in the market for a new mac for quite a while, but is on a college students budget. He loves using logic for band demos and does not want to make the switch to windows so I told him I would...
  3. ralphhovsepian

    Which Mac Os will support on my build?

    So I have a computer and i want to install mac os on it. Im pretty new to hackintosh and wanna know if it can run on it. Which version can run on my build? Board: GIGABYTE GA-H110M-A LGA1151 Intel H110 Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboard Ram: 4GB ddr4 CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 3.3 GHz Thanks all!
  4. etsvetanov

    First hackintosh (7600k, 1060 3GB, 960 EVO)

    I am trying to build my first hackintosh - I read some of the forum threads here and there seems to be an overwhelming amount of information. I couldn't definitively figure out if my parts would be compatible with High Sierra. Could someone help me out? My configuration is as follows: GPU...
  5. benfranciz

    Is my first build compatible?

    Hey all! Full disclosure, I am completely new at building computers, but I have been researching and lurking here for some time. I am beyond excited to start the project of building a hackintosh for my music production work, but first I want to confirm the compatibility of my components and...
  6. teddykgb

    Looking for Recommendations!

    Hi all, So after a extended hiatus I'd like to do another hackintosh. Last one I did was a customac mini which was fine but I'm looking for a little more space this time around. Here are my needs: Would like to run/have option to run 3 monitors. Dual Boot to Windows on rare occasions - I do...
  7. joransrb

    New setup buying advice

    Hey guys and gals, I'm currently in the process of putting together a new hackintosh build. But there are so many viable options out there right now. I work with video and graphics on my mac, and i dual boot to windows for gaming. I currently have an old old i7 2600K, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 2 x 256GB...
  8. SonnyRR

    New build compatibility concerns.

    Hello, I am planning on building a new machine that I want to use mainly for audio production (Logic Pro X; Ableton Live) and as a general daily runner. I've done 2 machines in the past that are running to this day (mavericks and el capitan) but they were not builds intended to be hackintosh...
  9. Bills007

    Gigabyte GA H270 gaming 3 motherboard: first time hackintosher

    This is my first time writing a thread, so please bear with me. My budget isn't too much - around 600$ for a capable video editing rig on FCPX. I need help deciding on parts, but these are what I came up with using the buyers guide August 2017: Gigabyte GA H270 Gaming 3 Motherboard Core i5...
  10. chasecee

    Pulling trigger on high end build, need an EXPERT - z270x, i7-7700k, gtx 1070(?), M.2 NVME

    New here, but have been doing exhaustive research the last several weeks. I'm finally ready to build a high end hackintosh for my resource intensive audio/video work. Here's a list I've compiled based off the Buyer's Guide for August (custo-mac pro), and my own research. I have questions for...
  11. Daanvk

    Advice Needed - First Hackintosh Build: Mainly 4k Photo Editing

    Hello everyone, I'm new here in the hackintosh community and I would love to get some advice/thoughts on my first hackintosh build. I am building a hackintosh for my dad because he is getting tired of selling and buying a new iMac every time it gets outdated. But he doesn't like to take on the...
  12. MrLowndes

    I'm new and need advice on my first build with TB

    Hi all, I'm brand new to this site and looking for advice. I was all set to follow this youtuber's build of a 4K video editing machine, but then I realized that the mother board he uses does not support thunderbolt (I will also list the main components, below the link to save you watching the...
  13. afrat

    How's my build? 7700k, GA-Z270MX-Gaming 5, Samsung 960 EVO, ASUS STRIX 1080ti

    Hi there, I am wondering if I will run into any issues with this build. I see there are a number of builds where people got the 7700k working just fine. I am upgrading from a 4790k so I wanted to go to the latest generation if possible to future proof. Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core...
  14. allison1derland

    Parts Compatibility and Dual Boot Question

    Will these parts work? Gigabyte GA-H110M-A Micro ATX motherboard Rev 1 (updated to latest BIOS Apr 2017) Gigabyte - GC-WB867D-I PCI-Express x1 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Adapter (with bluetooth) i5 6500 Crucial DDR4 2133 MHz (16GB) ASUS R9 380 Will iMessage work using the bluetooth module...
  15. Aghnaya

    [ADVICE] Building my own Hackintosh.

    Hello guys, Im reading nonstop info. about hackintosh. I'm start looking for hardware components. I come from a MacMini, with the idea of small, power enought and silence. So with this features, I'm looking for a PC/Mac able to do some hobbie video editing in Mac (with iMovie/Premiere) and...
  16. mikesch24

    Hackintosh Upgrade Advice

    Hi folks, I'm interested in upgrading my hackintosh (mainly regarding video performance) for editing and gaming. Do you have any suggestions which Graphic Card would suit perfectly for my current system? Here is my build list: MoBo: GA B75M-D3P CPU: i7 3,4Ghz 3770 Memory: 32GB Current...
  17. nafeelali

    Graphics Card advice

    New to hackintosh, having trouble with my GTX 760. Looking to upgrade my GPU. What are some suggestions for good GPU's that will be easy to set up for Sierra? Thanks
  18. Robby7

    Beginner here, please help

    Hey whats up guys, been reading for a while, but I finally signed up! I'm looking to build my first hackintosh, and was hoping someone could look over my parts list and give me the green light. Here's what I have so far: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E250B/AM)...
  19. probeginner

    Hackintosh CustoMac Pro attempt

    GPU: EVGA GT 740 SC Form: Single Slot Memory: 4GB DDR3 Ports: 2xDVI, mHDMI Clock: 1059MHz 130$ Motherboard: Gigabyte LGA1151 Intel Z170 ATX DDR4 Motherboards GA-Z170X-UD5 170$ CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K 4.00 GHz Unlocked Quad Core Skylake Desktop Processor, Socket LGA 1151...
  20. animperialaffliction

    ASUS P5L-1394 advice?

    Hey there, I currently have an old PC I'm not using, and am considering converting it to a hackintosh so I can use it as a workshop computer. It's old - it has a ASUS P5L1394 board, and has a 2.1ghz Intel Core 2 6400 processor, with 2GB of RAM. Would I be able to do anything with this, or is...