1. brianwong11031

    Which SMBIOS should I select?

    The Intel Core i5 2500k@3.30GHZ CPU is in my Hackintosh desktop. Which SMBIOS should I select? I selected iMac 14,2@3.20GHZ, am I correct? Thanks for giving advices.
  2. klm716

    Recommended RAM

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of purchasing parts for my Hackintosh and I noticed that I only saw Crucial brand RAM under the parts list. I was wondering, has anyone successfully tested other brands or am I limited with Crucial RAM only?
  3. FrankLehnen

    Just about to have a go at Hackintoshing...

    Hi all, I just want some preliminary advice just before launching myself into building a Hackintosh. I read extensively about how to go about it, the USB Installer is ready.... just waiting for my i3 7100 to arrive from Amazon. Unfortunately I went foe a Pentium G4600 first. Great processor...
  4. Cookiefamily

    Looking for Mobo and GPU advice

    Hello, planning my first-time Hackintosh Build right now, that will be used for Content Production in InDesign, Photoshop, Quark XPress, Acrobat etc. I still have some questions though about a fitting Motherboard since I do want to have the possibility to install a Thunderbold add-in card later...
  5. lemmecheckdat

    Buying first Macbook

    I’m a student and I was considering buying Macbook for a long time. I have a really powerful PC for gaming and demanding tasks but I need a laptop because I spend more time away from home. My first option was new Macbook Pro 13 (without touchbar, I don’t really find it useful and it costs alot...
  6. macleod92

    GPU advice - Best for video editing/ colour grading

    Hi I'm looking for advice as to what the best GPU to buy for a video editing and colour grading set up. I'm building my first Hacintosh and broadly following the CustoMac pro components list (and Stork's Hero2). However I'm still getting pretty confused by GPUs as there are just so many...
  7. yanant

    HELP! Don't know what memory I should be getting

    Hi everyone! First time builder here. Currently looking to put together my first build where I will be running Mac OS, Windows and Linux. My current build list is as follows: - Intel i7 8700 - ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero - EVGA GeForce GTX 1060, 6GB GDDR5 - Ballistix Sport LT 32 GB Kit (DDR4 2400...
  8. nextria

    Upgrade Advice

    Hello All,, I have a question for about 1.5 year i am running my hackintosh without many problems. But i feel my system is getting slower, i don't edit movies, just play some games on it like WOW, ESO FFXIV. My specs are : Gigabyte Z170-Gaming 3 I5 6600K Radeon R9 270x 16GB (2x 8GB) Ballistic...
  9. JTucc

    Looking for some advice on my first build

    Hi guys, I'm currently finalizing the list of parts that'll be going into my first CustoMac and was hoping for some advice on the components I've picked - almost everything was selected using the Budget ATX section of the March buyer's guide, so I'm hoping it's all okay, but this post was mainly...
  10. ariola

    My first build, is everything here compatible and the best option?

    Hi, I made a build within my budget (≈2000GBP) and I would like you to just have a look and tell me your thoughts, and if I should proceed with this. I also have a few reasonings for my decisions and a few questions along the way, so thanks to everyone that is willing to read and help me out. I...
  11. IamI1

    Mac for music production

    Hi all! I need a Mac for music production, so it needs to be very powerful. I was thinking an 8700k (or can i go with the iMac Pro cpus?) and a motherboard with Thunderbolt working in Mac. Someone can suggest me a good 8700k+MB(with TB) combo that can work with HighSierra? Thanks! (with the...
  12. pabloezequielleone

    Planning my first build!

    I've read the Buyer's Guide and dig into the forum a long time and I came up with this build, which btw, will be my first ever build :headbang: I'm tired of waiting for Apple to release the new MacMini and I think new PCs are way too overpriced :mad: I'm a developer, so I need the system to be...
  13. turtleguy

    Looking to upgrade.. any recommendations?

    This is my current setup: CPU: 3.19 GHz Intel Core i5 6500 [Link] Memory: 2 x 8GB Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3000MHz [Link] Motherboard: Gigabyte - GA-Z170X-UD5 TH ATX LGA1151 Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2 GB [Link] Disks: 256GB SSD (startup disk), 2TB Data Fusion Drive Monitor: Dell...
  14. LAtechniker

    Upgrade components or rebuild completely? Best 2018 Mac Pro configuration?

    Good evening all, My current Hackintosh Mac Pro (built 2014), containing an i7 4930K, a GA-X79-UP4 ATX LGA2011 Motherboard and an EVGA - GeForce GTX 760 2GB is causing me more and more problems. I am stuck at OS X 10.8 because of Clover issues, and I have tried upgrading / reinstalling a newer...
  15. trojanhorse123

    E8400 and GTS 450 Yosemite Hackintosh

    Hi! I've gathered a few parts here and there and wanted to build a second PC running OS X Yosemite. Does anyone know whether these parts will be good for the build?
  16. mhogan57

    Power Mac G5 build advice

    Hello, everyone, I am in need of some advice on a Power Mac G5 build. It will not be used for gaming or video editing; however, it will be used for website development, document and graphics editing, etc. Since this will be my main work machine, it needs to be stable with reasonable processing...
  17. sid4fcb

    Dell Opliplex 980 Hackintosh Build Advice

    Hey, I found a Dell Optiplex 980 for very cheap and I was thinking about buying it to build my first hackintosh. I have no previous experience on what parts are compatible with the mac OS. I was wondering if someone can help me and let me know if this build is compatible with Hackintosh. CPU -...
  18. vinnni

    Hackintosh / VR Config Advice

    Hi, I'm planning to build a new PC for a dual Boot Windows (VR Gaming + Machine Learning test) and a Hackintosh. Is this is useful build or can anyone for example recommend swapping the processor for a better / cheaper alternative? I'm not sure if I need the i7 or should look for an i5 in the...
  19. DukeLavis

    Budget Build Comparability

    A few weeks ago a friend upgraded his PC and gave me his old CPU for free. A different friend has been in the market for a new mac for quite a while, but is on a college students budget. He loves using logic for band demos and does not want to make the switch to windows so I told him I would...
  20. ralphhovsepian

    Which Mac Os will support on my build?

    So I have a computer and i want to install mac os on it. Im pretty new to hackintosh and wanna know if it can run on it. Which version can run on my build? Board: GIGABYTE GA-H110M-A LGA1151 Intel H110 Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboard Ram: 4GB ddr4 CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 3.3 GHz Thanks all!