1. dacig

    Advice on processor i5 3550 or 3570K, ML

    Hello, Im planning to make this Ivy bridge Rig, nothing fancy, mostly from the tonymac 2012 buying guide ( or what I can get in Mexico without too much wait). My main concern is the CPU, Im going for the 3550 as Im not planning to do any OC but I do not see many examples of this processor on a...
  2. ussyicheng141

    Motherboard buying advice

    Hey guys, I'm building my first hackintosh here and I was wondering what motherboard is the easiest to install OS X on. I will be getting an Core i5 2500K or a Core i3-2105 but I will be using integrated graphics 100%. I am open to suggestions for Z68 boards, but preferably they need to be...
  3. dsiglin

    1Unfollow this topic Z77x-UD3h vs Z77xUD5h Questions - worth the extra $$?

    Z77x-UD3h vs Z77xUD5h Questions - worth the extra $$? I know that the audio doesn't work for UD3H thanks to gigabyte going with a different audio chip. Are there any other things about the UD3H that aren't working? I can get a UD3H for $93 and a UD5H for $125. Is it worth spending the extra...
  4. DamperLullz

    Need mb advice!!!

    Hello forum, I need a new MB, right now I have the GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 Rev 1.3, but I´m having a boot loop and this is the second time I have to send it back. So I want another one, so my question is, should I go with a Z77 or Z68? The only Z77 MB within my price range is the GA-Z77X-UD3H and the...
  5. Cery

    buying advice- Mac Pro Ivy Bridge Built

    Hi, I'm planning to built some kind of Mac Pro ivy Bridge Built because my old IMac is way to slow for my renderings and the 3DSoftware i'm using. It's my first hackintosh so your advice is highly appreciated. I have three questions. 1.Is it possible to use 2 gtx 670 in one mac? Are they running...
  6. hellojocke

    Noob in need of help with hardware selection!

    Hello everyone, I am planning on getting a good hackintosh since they cost a third of what a real mac costs. However, I am not very experienced in this and could use some help from you experts. Here is my current hardware-list: (Swedish words may occur, but you will hopefully know what...
  7. liammarney

    msi g41m-p25 alternative methods or help !!!

    hi there, thanks in advanced for your help im aware that the motherboard features a ich7 bridge, which does not support ACHI mode, so i am unsure if this will work, now i tried to do a bit of research on this and haven't found much, but people with this motherboard apparently have a successful...
  8. peruh

    just a simple build question

    hi, i just want to ask if there will be any major issues with my build. Im planning on running mountain lion on it. Build Specs: i7 3770 HD 5770 16gb ram 60gb mushkin ssd Asrock H77 Pro4/MVP hope u can help me :)